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Shiva Lingam: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993!
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Shiva Lingam

In physical terms lingam denotes an erect penis. Shiva lingam is the most worshipped entity in Hinduism religion. We find Shiva temples having a Shiva lingam installed in them at every nook and corner of India nay world. Why? Shiva... a part of Hindu trinity represents the most powerful attribute of God Almighty (amongst all three entities). The first being Brahma... the creator! The second being Vishnu the maintainer (preserver) and the last being Mahesh (Shiva)... the destroyer!

And why is the entity of Shiva considered most powerful? Simply, he who finally makes the system go round is Shiva. Brahma creates and Vishnu maintains the creation but unless and until Shiva destroys one who is born... every entity would grow limitless. Based upon theory of Karma... when the time comes... it is Shiva who snuffs out life! For maintaining a balance in the system so that there can be a new beginning... a new start! Unless the decaying body withers and dies... a new life can never germinate.

To maintain balance in whole cosmos is responsibility of Shiva. And why is so much significance attached to shiva lingam that people worship it? The reasons are absolutely clear... everyone fears untimely death! To ward the evil effects of death people worship Shiva Lingam with total submission. It is faith in the power of Shiva that people pay their obeisance to the shiva lingam.

Shiva Lingam also denotes the power of Lingam. It is symbolic of the creative power of cosmos. It is Lingam that creates life on Mother Earth as God meant it to be. Properly harnessed... this power can be transmuted into pure creative energy. It is this power when subdued wisely... leads to Awakening of the Kundalini in human beings and man in particular. The awakening of Kundalini never occurs otherwise!

It is awakening of the Kundalini that finally results in one becoming enlightened... reaching the stage of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed! It is the power of lingam and lingam alone that leads one towards unbridled power in the spiritual domain.
All the saints and Rishis' of the yester era who reached the stage of enlightenment initially controlled and redirected this power of lingam. In the spiritual domain unless one controls and transmutes this power of lingam nothing worthwhile is achieved.

It is for this reason so much importance has been attached to lingam and Shiva being the highest entity amongst all gods in Hinduism... masses go to Shiva temples and offer their prayers.

On this note it is specifically mentioned that ladies very punctually offer their prayers in Shiva temples. Why? The prime reason... they ask for the blessings of Shiva for getting a good partner in life... an ideal husband! No wonder many wishes get fulfilled.
In the spiritual world... most offerings are symbolic in nature. One needs to dive deep into the ocean of spiritual wisdom... if we are to gather the pearls!

Prayers must never be offered as a ritual. We must first understand the significance of prayers being offered... it is only then our prayers get accepted. Mere chanting of prayers lead to a dead-end. It is a worth less journey that leads nowhere.

Remember, it is the power of lingam that made Bill Clinton (a powerful president of USA) fall from grace. Had he transmuted the creative powers to more appropriate channels... Bill Clinton may have been the President of the United States for a third term.
One of the mighty Rishi of the yester era Sage Vishwamitra fell from grace on seeing the sight of a beautiful lady taking bath in a forlorn jungle. He could not contain himself and lost precious years of his tapasya... the austerities practiced! He conducted all over from the beginning... a waste of precious time in the journey of life!

Shiva does not forgive... there is no backtracking in the domain of Shiva. If we indulge... we shall repent in the end. John F. Kennedy let loose his sensual side... he paid dearly by loosing his life (His association with marilyn monroe was not liked by many). In the spiritual domain... the power of lingam is the foremost! Those who transmute this creative energy to more useful uses are the ones who become the guiding pillars of the society. May God bless all those who do not suppress this power of lingam physically but transmute it to more creative uses!

Be it siva linga history, lingam massage, lingam worship amarnath all about shiva shivalinga worship, shivapurana attributes of shiva, legends associated with siva chakras sensual... everything bogs down to... whether or not we understand what shiva lingam truly means in our life time!

May God Shiva bless us all!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Shiva Lingam. For more on siva lingam visit -
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