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Karma Sutra virtual karma sutra

Karma: is the most grossly misunderstood word in all of Scriptural texts. The literal meaning of the word as explained to the masses by Pundits is its relation to the physical concept of a being. You perform Karma as a physical manifested being and this shall suffice your journey to the Swarga Heaven ... Provided you earn Punya Karma!

What one fails to explain is that physical work alone does not constitute the in-depth meaning of Karma ... The physical work being performed by one is only the tip of the ice berg. Committing a sin even in thoughts is committing a Paap Karma! For achieving any aim of Life one has to accumulate Punya (a hidden factor). It is only the Punya or Paap Karma performed by one which decides what body atman the soul within shall manifest in next Life!!

You work (perform your Karma) like an animal ... You are bound to be born one in next Life. You are a true soldier of God, respect all and continue performing your Dharma without violating the right of others ... You may be born an ascetic who while living in a family leads a pious Life. Further more depending on your Karma, if you are granted a boon by the Almighty God ... You may Realize-Self, become one with God the Creator within that Life!!

Karma ... with hidden ingredients consists of performing an action both in physical and the Mental World. You do not have to physically kill one to do a Paap Karma. A single stray thought of causing injury to one gains you a Paap Karma. Though the physical harm was not done and the negative marks awarded are much less for a thought injury compared to a physical injury but you get punished by God!!

What of thousands or even more stray thoughts entering your mind daily with little or no control over them!! Your only remedy is invocation of pure thoughts all the time and keeping self engaged in doing a Karma (both physical and mental work) with a single chief aim of Life hovering in your head! God is watching over one and all ... all the time. Whatever Karma you perform is getting recorded in the book of your Life ... Still, do we insist on doing Paap Karma!!!

Think of it ... why invoke negative thoughts on a Cosmic sojourn which is but a fleeting moment in your Cosmic Life span! The average Life of a Human Being of about 70 years ... Is it enough to know one another (All beings ... All are specific creations of God on Mother Earth)!! The vast nature and its beauty ... What all have we explored jointly ... How many seas fathomed with its flora and fauna ... How many expeditions taken to remote corners of the World!!!

Jainism elaborates the meaning of Bhava-Karma (Thought Karma) best ... you think ill will of one and you earn Paap Karma. None can absolve you from this. The total preachings of Jainism are based on this precept. What a noble way to lead a Life ... Never cause ill will of one even in your thoughts!! If only all could follow this advise ... The World would have become truly “one family”!!!

One invokes a thought first before acting on that. No wrong thoughts ... You shall lead a Life full of good things ... Out to help one and all who come in your path! Why not block the ill thoughts at the roots. No invocation of bad thoughts ... No wrong action to perform!! How straight and clear the message is. All Human Beings except the very few preceptors of Humanity ... Are they not wanting to rage to the ground the beautiful World created by God.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Karma Sutra. For more on karma sutra visit -
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