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Kali Yuga the Age of Kali
Kaliyug prophecies

Kali Yuga is a period in the history of mankind when the society reaches its lowest ebb. It becomes difficult even for the animals to live what to say of human beings. The trust among individuals depleting fast... comes a time when the society cannot sustain further!

A time when mankind looks forward to the coming of an avatar of the era (someone of the potential of God Almighty himself manifesting on Mother Earth as a human being). Kali Yuga is the age of the kali... a period of reckoning and upheaval.

Kali Yuga is the period of do and die. Arrogance is prevalent all over. Might is the order of the day. One with patience and persistence finds it difficult to survive. Something has got to be done... something concrete lest the society crumble itself.

The mankind in general cannot sustain in the present circumstances... it is practically living in hell. A complete renaissance is called for. Life has got to continue under all circumstances... the humanity has got to come to terms on its own. But, how?

A period when the clock rings 5 A.M. in the morning... it is a still one more hour to go before the sunshine announces the start of the golden era. This one hour period is most crucial for the mankind at large.

This is the period when Kali Yuga has almost ended... the final phase of the end of Kali Yuga. This intermittent period between the start of golden era and the end of Kali Yuga is known as Chatham Chatta in Jainism.

This is the period when society is to cleanse itself up of all impurities. Unless the dross is removed... the Kali Yuga may continue forever.

Kali Yuga also known as the metal age... is the darkest moment in the history of mankind. The materialistic tendencies dominating the mankind... The inner value lost completely... it is the day of the jackals when the incompetent rule the system!

This is the period in the history of mankind when the power is commanded by the unworthiest of the flock. Justice nowhere to be found... Law and order takes a back footing!

The end of Kali Yuga announces the coming of a bloody revolution. It has been in waiting for years. Unless the mankind agrees to a complete revival of the lost values... it would be back to Stone Age forever.

The science as we see it today would be lost forever... there is no remedy in sight! The end of the Kali Yuga results in the most catastrophic war of the era. In present times it shall be a fight to the finish... a full-scale nuclear war between the Christianity and the Islamic Dharma.

Primarily, both the communities are fanatic in nature... the English ruled the Indian kingdom for a period of more than 200 years. Why? They not only practiced slavery but got a pleasure out of doing so. Such unworthy denizens of the society shall face the wrath of God. Their time has now ripened for them to suffer.

None can escape the fury of God... whatever we sow has to be reaped one-day. In the end life always comes a full circle!

Terrorism has its roots in the CIA. Osama bin laden was the creation of USA. When the work is done... such human beings cannot be left in the lurch. Such people when they retaliate... inflict the most devastating injuries to the mankind. WTC was just a preamble of the main show which is yet to be faced by Christianity at large.

More is yet to come... USA, the superpower number-one has yet to face the fury of the Lord himself. What has been practiced for long shall raise its hood and strike back. None can escape the Islamic onslaught which is being planned against USA. It has been in the reckoning for long.

Pakistan... the so-called dear child of USA is the mastermind of all. The whole Muslim world has united under the aegis of Pakistan. Funding is provided by Iran... The tactical, technical end support by China! Can USA ever think of escaping the big onslaught planned by the combined power of the Islamic countries? Never!

This is how Kali Yuga (the present metal age) is going to end. With the end of the Kali Yuga it shall be the end of Christianity and the Islamic Dharma. Both the communities shall wipe out each other in the nuclear war that shall follow shortly.

Justice prevails in the end. So is the destiny fixed by God? Patience and persistence practiced by Indians shall pave the way for India to regain its lost glory. Around 2012 India would become the superpower number-one with a population of about 1500 million people.

China would follow as the second biggest superpower. Unique are the ways of God Almighty. All is well that ends well. Perhaps a new beginning with practically no science to guide the humanity... it shall be a restart from the scratches.

The value of life as perceived by God Almighty shall again dominate the mankind. The love for material values of life loses its shine forever. It shall be hundreds and hundreds of years before the clock again strikes three o'clock when the values in the society shall again drool back to the Kali Yuga position.

It is 12 o'clock noon when the humanity passes through the most glorious period in the history of mankind. As the clock reaches 5 AM in the morning it is again time for another Kali Yuga to end. Era after era... the circle most on. Life always and ever comes to a full circle.

Every era witnesses start of life with a golden era in making... and ends with the Kali Yuga. With every era humanity witnesses the coming of an avatar (God Almighty manifesting in human form)... Only then the values in the society are upheld and life goes on and on.

Bhagwan Kalki... the avatar of Kali Yuga is awaited with abated breath. Glory is to the one and only one Sri Kalki who shall become the guiding pillar for the mankind.

Bhagavan Kalki - Bhagwan Kalki in brief Audio Hindi (71.8 MB) (clipping takes few seconds to load initially - suitable for broadband internet connection preferably above 256 kbps)

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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