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Golden Age 2012

Why do we expect golden age in 2012... When whole world is talking about the coming inevitable end of the world in 2012... A collapse of basic structure of mankind as we know it today! Is it so that only after a complete renaissance... a complete upheaval, the society would get back its old footing! Yes, the truth is so!

In the cosmic system... the life cycle of one Yuga... all phases of Yuga are limited by 3500 to 5000 years! Presently we are passing through Kali Yuga... the ghor Kali Yuga phase of life! This is a moment in the history of mankind when every individual needs to cater for self. Might is right having become the order of the day... the meek needs protecting self by whatever means available! Undoubtedly... the meek shall win the end but at what cost?

The golden age is not expected before 2014. Between 2012 and 2014 lay the seeds of one of the fiercest war of the present Yuga... a full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. The war has been in making for long... but when shall it precipitate depends upon the relationship between United States of America and Iran.

Both religions practically fundamentalist by nature! Not willing to forgive each other... the only alternative is fighting a pitched battle... that results in mankind traversing its footsteps thousands of years in the past! Albert Einstein rightly predicted, "The fourth world war would be fought with bamboos and sticks". Those having an evolved brain can sense the impending danger! Amongst the complete fraternity of the scientific world... only Albert Einstein used his brain 4%. Most human beings on Mother Earth never use their brain even 1%! Only when human beings gained enlightenment... when the Sahasrara Chakra (the thousand petalled Lotus) within the brain behind the forehead opens up fully... one uses brain hundred percent.

Life in the cosmic system moves in a clockwork fashion. As we have 12 o'clock noon when the sun shines bright... we also have pitched darkness when the clock strikes 12 o'clock in the night. When the clock rings 12 o'clock in the noon... it is the phase of sat Yuga... the golden period! When the clock strikes 4 a.m. in the morning... by phase of Kali Yuga has already set in. We are presently passing through the ghor Kali Yuga phase of life when clock rings 5 a.m. in the morning! Between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. is expected the fiercest war of the present era... the awaited world war 3 when both communities... the followers of Christianity and Islamic Dharma would annihilate each other.

This would result in 1200 million people vanishing from the world scene... a catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude. Yet, the cleansing of the society is not possible without deaths of such magnitude. It is such times when even innocent would pay with their lives. The coming of the golden era... the golden Yuga demands sacrifice of the innocent. Those who have committed a sin and also those who have not committed any sin would lay their lives... one because the karma demanded so... and the blood of the innocent would be spilled to counter the negative forces of nature. For Dharma (righteousness) to win... for David to win against Goliath... crushing of adharma (lawfulness) becomes inevitable.

The whole process can be explained by the functioning of a lawn tennis ball-

Initially we lift a ball in our hands and throw it straight. What happens now... the ball after a moment of time strikes the ground and the first crest is formed! The ball having lost some energy... the level of the first crest is lower than the level from which the ball was thrown. This ball again strikes the ground and a second crest is formed... still at a lower level! After some time... the ball altogether fails to create a crest and flattens out. With almost zero energy... the ball is unable to create a crest. In the physical manifest world one who throws the ball is an Avatar of the era (God manifest in human form). Only an Avatar has the power to pick the ball from zero level and throw it again. No man god can ever achieve this feat.

When the first crest is formed... Mahavira... the 24th preceptor of Jainism... the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism arrives into the scene... Mahavira is born. His following is primarily termed as Jainism and the teachings... the wisdom Mahavira gave to the society! No doubt earlier to Mahavira Jainism had 23 tirthankaras... but the wisdom of enlightened ones percolated to the masses from times of Mahavira... never before! The prime reason why Jainism is primarily recognized from the teachings of Mahavira... the enlightened one!

The second crest indicates the coming of Gautama Buddha... the enlightened one! Before the advent of Gautama Buddha... nothing by the name of Christianity or Islamic Dharma existed. The third and fourth crests indicate the coming of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. As the energy level of the ball reduced... so did the wisdom of the enlightened ones. This simply means the wisdom level of all man gods is different. All man gods reached from New Delhi to Mumbai... the kingdom of God (Vaikuntha in Hinduism)... a point of no return but their paths varied. If Mahavira traveled by aero plane... Gautama Buddha caught Rajdhani express.

Furthermore Jesus Christ traveled the journey by express train and Prophet Mohammed by passenger. The sum total of all is... each and every man god reached the end of the journey... whatever be the mode of travel! The essence lay in completing the journey and not the path.
Time has come for the ball to flatten out... indicating a renaissance... a complete revolution in making! In present times... gaining enlightenment is very difficult task. Yet, one amongst us... a single loner whom the world would term as Bhagwan Kalki... the Avatar of the present era would take charge around 2014. This one-man army would succeed in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) on Mother Earth.

It is the coming of Bhagwan Kalki... that would result in mankind stepping into the golden era beyond 2014. Bhagwan Kalki... one equal in power of Lord Krishna would again lift the ball... starting a new era... a new phase in the life of humanity! To think of a single human being possessing such powers seems difficult yet, the unbelievable is about to happen in the coming 6 ~ 7 years. Life would not be the same beyond 2014.

After the death of 1200 million people world over... the society would witness a drastic change in the perception of mankind. Money which had become an end in itself would again become a means to an end. The gold and diamonds losing their lustre... mankind would treat them stones polished bright. The new era... the new age would be termed the golden period beyond 2014! For mankind it would be a restart of journey with Hinduism dominating the scene world over. Bhagwan Kalki... the awaited one would belong to India as did Lord Krishna, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha and to some extent Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed.

A commoner... who gains enlightenment and simultaneously possesses the power of a Chanakya would become Bhagwan Kalki... the Avatar of the modern era... the golden period! An able administrator who succeeds in establishing the golden era would have a following of about 2000 million people world over.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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