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Acharya - guru Spiritual teacher - disseminator of absolute knowledge

Adhyatma - meaning of Adhyatma - study of our atman the soul within

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Aham - concept meaning of ego in hinduism explained

Anadi Kaal - beginning less state of time - the state of timelessness

Antaratma - study of our inner self - our soul the atman within

Aparigriha - meaning of aparigriha in Hinduism - non covetousness

Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

Aum - Meaning of om aum omkar - cosmic medium of communication

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Kaal - meaning of kaal time as per hinduism and Bhagavad Gita

Kaivalya Jnana - Kaivalya - the knowledge of the absolute cosmic wisdom

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Kama - Definition kama sensual Essence of Life present in every being

Karma - meaning Definition Karma - its relation to physical work

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Karta - God Almighty creator - doer of everything in the cosmos


Krodha - anger krodh as defined in hinduism - controlling anger

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God hindu god almighty god

God: Almighty God... god the Creator... a Hindu god... an Indian god... a Christian god... be it any god personified... the entity of god shall always remain one.

The Creator of the whole Cosmos is one. God Almighty is also one. God is that powerful entity of the cosmos which lies beyond the domain of human beings. Since times immemorial human beings neither have the capability nor that power of discrimination to characterize god based on religion or culture.

God is the Creator of all things physical (all things manifested and visualized by our physical senses). God is also the Creator of all things beyond our comprehension... those that are invisible to us... things beyond the capture of senses and the mind. There is nothing in whole Cosmos which is not created by God.

To believe or not to believe in God is the sole prerogative of human being. The complete system of god is democratic in nature. Nothing is implemented by force. Every human is endowed with attributes owed to god that makes possible for one to arrive at logistical conclusions.

Based on our senses and the mind and the intellect... one can always come to the surmise whether or not to believe in existence of god. If we believe in existence of god... it is okay with God! If we do not believe in existence of god... then also it is okay with God! In the system of god Almighty God never discriminates.

As a child we may or may not believe in God. As we grow we learn by experience. As we gain maturity we develop our power of discrimination. Now our decisions are not based entirely on our parents and the elders' point of view alone.

This growing child learns that there is a hidden entity in the Cosmos remaining invisible to the humanity all the time. Terming it as god this child proceeds ahead in life with the hope that as and when he would require the services of god, his beloved god would always be there to take care of him. This is not a bad surmise at all for a growing child.

After all god almighty is duty bound for it is god who has created his creation. To take care of his creation is god's responsibility. If at the time of need god does not help one... it would lead to the surmise that no child ever is the responsibility of its mother. That never happens. The wail of a child attracts the attention of any mother passing by. In the circumstances how can it be that God neglects his own children!

The invisible hand of God

Something we cannot see but gods presence can always be felt in the flowing brooks, the mountainside, the seashores, the beauty of the creation of god that we daily perceive in our life, the power of the sun, moon and the stars and foremost of all in the fragrance of a flower. This reminds the child that something beyond the limitations of a human being exists and this one calls as god.

God is feminine or masculine

It is debatable whether woman see god as feminine in nature and men as having attributes of a man. Most that are religious by nature tend to differentiate god by gender. God is never limited by gender. God Almighty is not limited by his own creation. It is neither feminine nor masculine in nature. God does not have any limitation at all. It is a source of pure energy.

God... a cluster of pure energy

Perceived from the physicists point of view God is a cluster of atoms and molecules much beyond the comprehension of senses and the mind and science. God is pure energy. This energy we know as god is manifest all over the Cosmos. It is not bound by the limitations of space and time. God is everywhere. Glory is to god for he is available to the mankind wherever we may be.

Present in every living being in form of his soul atman... this miniscule form of god we call as soul atman is of the same essence as god Almighty. And what it indicates? This simply tells us that wherever life exists the presence of god is there! In other words God is present in all of us in form of our soul atman.

The religious god

As the child matures it observes that the society believes in two facets of god... God the religious and spiritual god! Although god had nothing to do with this surmise of human beings... but this decision of mankind prevailed. The absolute truth had to be one. There was no going back on that. Then why two facets of one entity god!

For the society to flourish... for the humanity to exist... the religious form of god was a must! For the common man an entity of god had to exist so that one could pray to Almighty God through this medium. This entity could be a clay mould of god kept in a temple, a tree or even a piece of stone.

For worshipping God we desire and enact a manifest form of god. And why was this necessary? For a layman it was not possible to concentrate his thoughts on god without a manifest form of god... be it in the temples, Church or the mosque. This gave rise to worshipping of clay replicas of god.

But why was all this necessary. Why god had to be worshipped at all. One could live in the confines of his home concentrate on god Almighty within his thoughts and that would be sufficient. Yes, that would be sufficient for a spiritual seeker but for a common householder concentrating on god in thoughts was next to impossible.

The religious god became the inner strength of every household. God had to be worshipped and going to the temples, Church and the mosques seemed to be the right way. This led to the spread of various religions all over the face of mother earth. And religion came to be regarded as the milestone for all the believers in God.

Until this child grew up... he also followed the religious form of god. Going to the temples, church or mosques became a daily routine.

The faculty of thought which had now started blooming in the child... developed his intuitive powers further! On further analysis this child came to a conclusion that to live the present life of 70 to 80 years... following religion was one part of life. But if god was to be found in the present life... religion was not the only path!

Searching further... the child came in possession of sacred texts that revealed apart from religion also existed spirituality. And it was spirituality that would lead the child straight to god. And what was this spirituality? What do we mean when we talk of spirituality?

Logistical conclusions led this child towards his own inner self. This child ultimately realized that within him existed God in miniscule form. The absolute truth of the cosmos was finally revealed to him. If we are to truly search for god... we need to dive deep into the bottomless pit of our heart wherein our soul atman resides.

It is this soul atman which leads one directly to god Almighty. The spiritual god is after all the ultimate crux of life. Reading the sacred texts further the child realized that knowing our inner self... realizing our true inner self was what life was all about. Every true seeker of spirituality... every human being who desires confrontation with God on one-to-one basis had to reach the source of our own soul atman.

This seemed to be the end goal of life. It became evident that once a person realized his true self... became enlightened then cosmic journey would abruptly come to an end. In spiritual parlance one had finally reached the abode of god Almighty. Gaining enlightenment and finally salvation was the end goal of every living being.

Having come to this surmise... the search for god seemed complete! Now, the ball was in the Court of the seeker. Whether or not to proceed in search of god in this life was purely dependent upon every individual. Right from the first manifestation as an amoeba and to the last... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the journey in search of god continues.

In whatever phase of life one be... it is purely our decision when we desire to proceed in search of god. It is but possible to reach the end of cosmic journey in every life. To do it now or later is the pertinent question?

In the last about 150 years only two persons gained enlightenment and reach the end of their cosmic journey. They came face-to-face with God Almighty. They were Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

Reaching the abode of god Almighty is the end crux of life... following the religious path we may take the journey of 8.4 million manifestations... but to cut short the path... spirituality is the only means of achieving god within this life.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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