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Prarabdha Karma hinduism the negative hidden factor of life

Prarabdha karma is that facet of cosmic life that does not manifest in human life as a predetermined cause. The residual balance of karma in every life manifests itself in the next life for it is the balance of karma of the earlier manifestations that decides what our next manifestation would be. However Prarabdha karma does not manifest itself in the regular routine.

No one knows what our future in present life would be. Part of our future is governed by the karma performed by us in the present manifestation... however a chunk of the present life gets dictated by the Prarabdha karma inherited by us from the previous lives.

The total sanchit karma (accumulated karma) of all the previous lives is brought forward to the new manifestation... the new life but the Prarabdha karma does not get transferred in this manner. As we bring forward the closing balance of the year as the opening balance of the New Year... in the cosmic system this principle does not hold well in its entirety. One never knows when our Prarabdha karma may fructify and in which manifestation.

It is as if a bad debt of the previous years that had been written off the records is all of a sudden paid back in this life. It is almost like gaining a lottery. The prime reason why some people are lucky in the present manifestation!

Every lottery... every gain in life that that owes its existence to the karma performed by us in the earlier manifestations is the result of our positive Prarabdha karma manifesting gloriously before us. The opposite is also truthful. If we have negative Prarabdha karma following us... it is possible that we may incur heavy unprecedented losses in present life. We sometimes find people unlucky!

When our Prarabdha karma would manifest and in which manifestation always remain a mystery. It is Prarabdha karma and only Prarabdha karma which remains hidden from mankind in every manifest phase of life. It is only while gaining enlightenment that the karma gets burnt out entirely.

We may be performing perfectly in present life yet, due to the negative Prarabdha karma following us we may land in trouble. It is in the best interests of human beings to perform positive karma (good karma) in present life so that all the ill effects of the negative Prarabdha karma following us get neutralized slowly and evenly.

I again repeat that to neutralize the negative effects of the Prarabdha karma it is essential that we perform only positive karma (good karma) in our present life. A difficult task indeed... yet unavoidable if we are to get out of the clutches of negative effects of Prarabdha karma.

Prarabdha karma seems to have been created by God Almighty so that the intelligent breed of human beings does not interpolate their future or the past. In such circumstances, all cosmic theories would have failed and collapsed.

By controlling their present karma... it would have been possible for human beings to control their future and that would have been the least God Almighty desired. Our present manifest life is not the culmination of our total balance of karma of the previous lives. Our present life in fact is the culmination of total balance of karma of the previous lives less the effects of Prarabdha karma in vogue.

To maintain the continuity of the cosmic system, God Almighty introduced the concept of Prarabdha karma... a hidden factor which could never be guessed by a living human being. This indeterminate factor... the Prarabdha karma plays a crucial role in our manifest life. To compensate for the negative balance of Prarabdha karma... human beings continue to perform positive karma (good karma) in the present lives... the prime reason why good always prevails on bad in the end.

It is the hidden factor of Prarabdha karma that becomes the governing factor in the destiny of life. Every living being is controlled indirectly by Prarabdha karma... the hidden indeterminate factor! It is Prarabdha karma and Prarabdha karma alone which prompts us to perform positive karma (good karma) in our present life. Only then we can negate the negative effects of the Prarabdha karma.

Out of about 6 billion people living on Mother Earth... none knows the mantra of getting out of the clutches of negative Prarabdha karma. While proceeding on the path of pure spirituality... one comes across this mantra almost at the highest level of spiritual pursuit.

The moment I came across this mantra... I tried it many times to no avail. All of a sudden the negative Prarabdha karma began dissolving. Wow... I had reached the glorious end of my cosmic life. The experiences were unbelievable. The efficacy of this mantra which cuts across the negative Prarabdha karma that follows every human being is foolproof. Difficult to exercise... but takes you straight to the highest levels of spirituality.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Good Karma, Bad Karma. For more on sanchit karma visit -
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