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Faith: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993!
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Faith is that power of discrimination made available to mankind by God Almighty using which a human being can not only reach God but accomplish tasks considered unachievable. Faith is that ingredient which differentiates human beings from animals and the lower species. It is Faith in God Almighty which makes David defeat the Goliath. It is Faith in the system of God that makes an ant kill an elephant.

It is the element of Faith in the system of God which differentiates the serious seeker of spirituality from a commoner. Without Faith it becomes difficult to believe in existence of god. God is everywhere yet none can see him. We only feel the presence of God but only sometimes. To perceive God from the inner eyes... we must have inbuilt power of Faith in us.

Existence of Faith in human beings is not a faculty which can be inculcated. It has to exist from within. Faith is something which cannot be garnered from bookish knowledge. Faith is beyond the capture of senses and the mind. It is absolute Faith in the system of God that man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed gained enlightenment and finally salvation in their lifetime.

Without Faith much cannot be accomplished in the field of spirituality. Science as of date demands logic and proof. Faith commands neither. The prime reason why scientists fail to understand the system of God is they want a logical proof for every belief one may have in the system of God. How much Faith John Pope Paul had in God Almighty is proved from the fact that he engaged many renowned astronomers to search for God in the vast ocean of cosmos. Looking for God through telescopes... and still Christians believe in capability and capacity of John Pope Paul... a hundred percent believer of God! Simply unbelievable!!

Believers in God never ask for any tangible proof. They believe in God and that is that. Beyond absolute Faith nothing more required to believe in the system of God. Faith is the most important ingredient of any prayer. Every prayer would become meaningless if human beings had no Faith in the system of God.
It is the waves of Faith riding which our prayers reach God Almighty. If we ever long to reach the abode of God in the present life then we need to inculcate within us an absolute Faith in the system of God. Mere belief in the system of God does not suffice. The serious seekers of spirituality have to dive deep into the bottomless pit of Faith if we are to ever seek company of God.

Most prayers... numerous acts of devotion go waste only because one did not have absolute Faith in the system of God.

I repeat one very powerful instance which depicts the power of Faith in the system of God. One person started his prayer towards God in the manner, "Oh God, if you exist... blah blah blah! That was the end of a wishful prayer. The incumbent did not even have the elementary Faith needed even to address a prayer. He was praying to God but did not 100% believe if God existed. In the circumstances can we have a faint hope that such prayers would ever reach God Almighty!

Faith is that ingredient which gives human beings their hope and subconscious power. It is the element of Faith which makes our prayers more powerful. One who has absolute Faith in the system of God and says his prayers once is more powerful than one who spends most of his life saying prayers which fall on deaf ears (the level of Faith required for a prayer is absent in this human being).
Any prayer addressed to God with an element of 100% faith is likely to be accepted provided the residual balance of karma is not to the contrary.

I remember it was only absolute Faith in God Almighty which carried me on and on until I reached the last leg of my cosmic journey. How many times since my childhood I may have contemplated suicide... numerous situations when most people loose Faith in the system of God... untold misery and hardships faced... it was only Faith and absolute Faith in the system of God that carried me through! I finally realized God in 1993!

With absolute Faith backing me I faced most difficult adversities in life. I again repeat that it was absolute 100% faith in God Almighty that always came to my rescue in times of need. I would have completely drained out of life had not absolute Faith pursued me on.
The faculty of absolute Faith in God Almighty is not available to the meek and unwise. Bhagavad Gita (the famous doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata) exhorts that Bhagavad Gita must never be taught to an unbeliever with a shaking Faith.

So is the case with every sacred Scripture of every religion. If we are to ever digest the inner meaning of the writings in various sacred Scriptures then the element of absolute Faith in God Almighty is an essential necessity. In the present Kali Yuga when materialistic tendencies are rampant... to practice and have absolute Faith in the system of God is a true blessing indeed. Blind Faith in the system of God never leads one on the wrong path. It is Blind Faith which after a given point of time converts to absolute Faith in the system of God.

We must never Blind Faith anyone in worldly affairs yet, in the system of God having Blind Faith is a common practice amongst serious seekers of spirituality. If we are to ever reach stage of enlightenment and salvation within this life... we need to inculcate within us a feeling of absolute Faith in God Almighty. It would take time but developing absolute Faith in the system of God is definitely possible. It is only then we can emancipate for ever from the cycle of birth and death. Stated Shraddha in Hinduism... Faith in God Almighty is a sure shot method of reaching God at the earliest.

Be it faith no more leap of hope and blind faith healer quote, have a little faith in me god, keep the bad true article of word of faith... everything bogs down to... whether or not we gain establish absolute faith in existence of god!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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