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When is Bhagavan Kalki coming -
Kalki Avatar

When is kalki coming - kalki bhagavan - Lord Krishna

Coming of Bhagavan Kalki would be fraught with terror... mindful of existing chaos world over! In the realm of Bhagavan Kalki... the goal of life is straight and clear! The 10th incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu... the revered lord Kalki would be one without a precedent in recent times... an exact duplicate of Lord Krishna!

Exhibiting almost same powers as Lord Krishna... the advent of Bhagavan Kalki is beset with preconditions! The annihilator of Kali Yuga would advent the world scene at opportune moment... not a second before! All is preordained predestined in the system of God. The coming of Bhagavan Kalki gets necessitated when adharma (lawlessness) bares its fangs with no reprieve in sight!

When is Bhagavan Kalki coming... is the biggest question of all times! Why? Every single day I get many queries as to when Bhagavan Kalki would surface on mother Earth! The innocent... gullible folks world over think that coming of Bhagavan Kalki... a Messiah of present era would eradicate ills of society within no time. This is an absolute misnomer!

Without help of masses at large, the commoners... even an avatar (God manifest in human form)... the form of Bhagavan Kalki cannot achieve anything worthwhile... long-lasting! For how long shall the masses, the commoners keep waiting for a Messiah... the antichrist to remove the ills of the society as of today! What of the karma that needs to be performed by us individually?

Unless we act, unless we perform our karma diligently, Bhagavan Kalki would not be able to carry out his duties as expected of him! It is a different matter that supernatural powers that Bhagavan Kalki exhibits would lead to his developing a blind following of above 1000 million people world over while another 1000 million people willing to serve as and when needed... necessitated!

It is the power of people... the power of masses, the commoners that shall make life worthy of living on mother Earth! The present Kali Yuga, the Dark Age... the metal age has resulted in destroying the basic fabric of society! The global warming issue... unrestricted usage of natural wealth... living for the sake of pleasure alone has resulted in present turmoil!

We have never seemed to care for nature. Now the roles would be reversed! Mankind would witness the fiercest reprisal... backlash at the hands of nature! Around 2012 is expected a full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. Two largest fanatical... fundamentalist religions... understanding nothing of religion or spirituality at war trying to annihilate each other!

One can face the unknown enemy but what of unleashed fury of nature! We may explode a couple of nuclear devices... but if mother earth trembles uncontrollably resulting in earthquakes and tsunamis of unprecedented magnitude... the devastation that would follow shall be beyond all comprehensions... imagination even of the wisest!

It is time to repay nature with human blood! God Almighty seeks sacrifice of humanity! For sake of humanity, survival of mankind... few noble human beings would sacrifice their lives! Such would be the prowess of Bhagavan Kalki not thousands but millions would be willing to lay down their lives for sake of humanity, the sake of their country... start of Satyuga (the Golden period)!

The world as of date is full not only of ignorant but foolhardy commoners... the unwieldy masses who live their life... rather spend their life on one principle... eat, drink and be merry! For such people Bhagavan Kalki would turn to be their nemesis! Unless ignorance of such people is eradicated... eliminated... humanity would continue to suffer uncontrollably!

The 10th incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu... the revered Bhagavan Kalki would wield powers beyond comprehension of most human beings! One amongst the masses... a commoner with passage of time would assume so much powers that mankind would term such a one a Messiah... a godly form... a direct representative of God Almighty on mother Earth!

God Almighty never directly manifests on mother Earth. As per sacred Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism so is never to be. In times of distress... a commoner dons the mettle of lord Kalki... the awaited Messiah of present times! All happens with grace of God. Nothing in cosmic system results out of nothing... everything to minutest action is preordained predestined!

One amongst us does not automatically don the garb of Bhagavan Kalki. Amongst us exists one who has the inbuilt power of becoming a Chanakya... the most able administrator in the history of mankind! When India (erstwhile Bharatvarsha) was a conglomerate of 600 independent stately provinces... it was only mettle of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who could have achieved this feat!

The task of combining above 600 independent stately provinces to a sovereign country named Bharatvarsha (now India) seemed almost impossible yet the workings of one single person... the revered Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel made it seemingly easy to achieve! For achieving something drastic in life... a meaningful enthusiasm, absolute sincerity, honesty and integrity is mandated!

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel derived his strength from the doctrine of Chanakya! To accomplish something unachievable... drastic measures are necessitated! To face the humanity head-on... to work out an amicable solution when all seems haywire... it is only power of Chanakya that can pin pointedly give an effective solution.

The feat of Bhagavan Kalki would make the whole cosmic system go around... come full circle as stipulated in Hinduism sacred Scriptures! After a period of above 3600 years... the coming of an avatar of an era is mandated. Life comes full circle every 3500 to 5000 years! If we have clock ringing 12 o'clock in the day... we also have 12 o'clock in night... the metal age... the darkest hour!

The phase of Kali Yuga has already started. We are nearing end of Kali Yuga at the moment. Around 2012 is expected the final phase. Everything depends upon mass karma enacted by community... the entire population of above 7000 million people existing world over! The coming of Kalki avatar in 2012 would be a phenomenon to witness... something totally unheard of!

The present society... the present era has already outlived its life! Life in human form has almost become unlivable... more particularly in India... the spiritual centre of the world! Although democracy is practiced in India... yet... it is a totally authoritarian society that plays the governing role! Democracy is not to be seen anywhere in India. Law simply does not seem to exist.

The law and order situation in India has reached precarious proportions! With the law and order authority absolutely missing... it is the jungle rule that prevails all over India! Might is right has become the order of the day. In such circumstances the coming of Bhagavan Kalki is not only mandated but has become a necessity!

Kali Yuga... the total period of which comprises 4, 32, 000 years as per sacred Scriptures of Hinduism is in its final stages! Even though only a few thousand years have passed since start of Kali Yuga... the advent of modern science has advanced the pace contrary to what is stipulated in sacred Scriptures. Something that would have taken thousand years to achieve in the past is now possible within a few hours... not days!

With the developments of science progressing at seemingly faster pace than human race can comprehend... the situation is almost going out of control! Instead of pursuing life in a peaceful manner... people have started pursuing money as the end to everything! Sex and money dominate the world scene uncontrollably.

Morality and ethics having taken a backseat... survival of the fittest has become order of the day! It is only with a firm hand situation can be handled... it is not within competence of Barack Obama to control the situation of United States of America as of today! In present times one needs the charm of John F. Kennedy or FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to accomplish anything worthwhile!

Whatever the election promises of Barack Obama... most of them are biting the dust! To govern the most enterprising state of the world is not an easy task... one definitely needs the ability of a Chanakya to tackle the dragon of China head-on! The ultimate culprit in the journey of life is China... the root cause of all unwanted situations world over!

Every single act of terrorism worldwide stems from China... Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, North Korea, Bangladesh only being front states for fomenting trouble world over! Whatever is happening in India at the moment... the doings of Maoists and naxalites... the root cause of all is China! The tactical and financial support... everything emanates from China!

For how long the dark forces of nature continue threatening world peace? The business elite of United States of America have realized its folly... in making huge investments in China... a point of no return! If at any stage a business venture in China wants to withdraw... the Chinese authorities have indicated a plain no! The bitter lesson has been learnt!

India although passing through a really difficult phase with no law and order of any kind... it is primarily the rule of jungle that shunned business elite of USA from India! Unethical practices in Vogue... still, comparatively India commands much better respect than China. China simply cannot be trusted... always remember the 1962 annexation of Tibet by China and incursions into India!

In the guise of brotherhood, China unilaterally attacked India with the hope that it shall succeed in annexing parts of India. It was a gamble that helped China in the long run in retaining Tibet but for how long? In the coming world war 3, China would again accede whole of Tibet as an autonomous region... an independent country!

World War III would result in India becoming Greater India with whole of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka becoming parts of India of their own! Such would be the clout of India... the spiritual master of the world that beyond 2014 lay the golden era... the spiritual millennium that would continue for centuries beyond 2014!

In the entire history of India (erstwhile Bharatvarsha) there is never a single instance when India attacked another country. India is not only a peaceful country... it is a peace loving country... spirituality ingrained into the very fabric of society! In present times when religion disparity amongst different groups speaks otherwise... it is spirituality that is the inner strength of society at large!

The doer of spirituality... epitome of spiritual path... the revered Bhagavan Kalki would be something to emulate for centuries to come! Bhagavan Kalki would provide a sigh of relief to the ailing mankind after tremors of World War III that would devastate mankind forever. Albert Einstein rightly said, the fourth world war would be fought with bamboos and sticks... his inference was totally correct!

With the coming devastation when developments of science would come to a naught... it would not be centuries but many millennia before things return back to normal! With the coming of Bhagavan Kalki... the situation world over would improve faster as spiritual messages from spiritual master of the era spread all over!

Beyond 2014 lay the foundation of spiritual era... a spiritual Renaissance which would change the very meaning of life! Money would again be treated as a means to an end! Life would not only become livable... but sages and saints world over would make people understand the true meaning of life... the philosophy of life as it was meant to be!

It is only Bhagavan Kalki... an avatar of present era who shall succeed in achieving this feat! None other than Bhagavan Kalki... not even man Gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed would succeed in present circumstances! The changeover from one era to another becomes possible by coming of an avatar of an era... not a man God, a human God!

The coming of an avatar... the reasons for his coming... all is stipulated in sacred Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism in explicit detail! However much fate of mankind depends on coming of Bhagavan Kalki yet, it is the karma of individuals that shall decide our destiny! In the domain of Bhagavan Kalki... the distinction between a King and a laborer would simply be nonexistent!

If we truly desire improving the lot of mankind... we must strengthen our karma... indulge in positive karma... Punya karma... good karma all the time! Only a true upright person... an embodiment of truth can become the right-hand man of Bhagavan Kalki! The coming of Bhagavan Kalki announces liberation of mankind from ills of today for centuries to come!

Yet, the administration of Bhagavan Kalki would be with vengeance... upholding Dharma (righteousness) all the time. Sinners, followers of unethical practices and immorality, those pursuing wanton desires and materialistic riches would find a backseat! The judgment in such cases would be fatal... with all sinners getting punished for bad deeds committed!

To escape the gallows by sinners would just be impossible! It is in the interest of mankind that we indulge in good karma... positive karma all the time and earn virtues of Punya karma... the merits of which get transferred to next manifestation after death of mortal body! Why indulge in bad karma and get next manifestation at much lower level than present?

If we truly desire Bhagavan Kalki to succeed... we must understand that it is the combination of an able administrator like Chanakya and a man God like Mahavira that makes the coming of Bhagavan Kalki possible! This lethal combination of Chanakya and Mahavira... the revered Bhagavan Kalki would be remembered for times to come.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Kalki Avatar. For more on 10th incarnation of vishnu, kalki avatar 2012, vijay kumar kalki visit -
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