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kundalini sex - kundalini awakening and women

Kundalini awakening sex love... of all the things in the world how could Acharya Rajneesh mix sex with yoga! Both yoga and sex are miles apart... two sides of the same river that never meet! One needs establishing control over sexual indulgences... inherent sexual inhibitions something that is not easily manageable... achievable!

Even masturbation... night fall form part of inherent sexual indulgence! Kundalini yoga is that path of spirituality which demands highest level of perfection exercised by a human being... be one a man or woman! For women kundalini awakening is extremely difficult to realize... yet, not impossible!

In the entire history of mankind till date only two women gained success in realizing their kundalini... full awakening of their kundalini! Gargi was the famous lady philosopher whose indulgences... discussions on the topic of sex are world famous! In a wordy duel that prolonged many days she defeated Mandan Mishra... yet another accomplished religious pundit of his times.

Gargi gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in her lifetime by exercising full awakening of her kundalini! Maitreyi... the devoted wife of sage Jnanavalakya also reached the stage of enlightenment in her lifetime. As sage Jnanavalakya was a Brahma jnani... (An enlightened one)... for him to impart teachings of enlightenment to Maitreyi was not that difficult!

In the process of kundalini awakening... on the path to gaining enlightenment... both sex and love have no role to play! In fact both sex and love retard the journey of kundalini awakening! For full awakening of the kundalini we need to understand the process of kundalini yoga in entirety. The awakening of the kundalini is gradual... it can never be accomplished too fast!

The cosmic crux of life is... it is our soul atman the spirit within that has manifested the human form to work out its karma... remove the dross impurities within! Ever since our soul atman manifested the human form for the first time... it passes through a maze of 1.1 million manifestations in the human form before human beings reached the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)!

For accomplishing kundalini awakening in a short life span of 70 to 80 years... we definitely need gigantic efforts... the indomitable will power of Winston Churchill... the ferocity of Joan of arc... the ruthlessness of Swami Vivekananda... an eagerness to do or die but accomplish whatever we truly desired from heart!

Most human beings as of today seek kundalini awakening as if kundalini awakening was a form of yoga... more particularly yogic exercise that can be indulged in by anybody! The art of kundalini awakening is not meant for commoners... the masses... the believer of rituals and religion. Only a true seeker of spirituality has the right to seek full awakening of the kundalini.

Before traveling the path of kundalini awakening... one must understand what spirituality is all about! The moment we understand the cosmic truth that it is our soul atman that is on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations... an earthly life cycle of 96.4 million years... the pearls of wisdom contained in sacred Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism start unveiling before us!

Step-by-step human beings proceeded on the path of kundalini awakening by practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation. In absence of practice of absolute celibacy... kundalini awakening carries no meaning! In absence of a man and woman... no sexual indulgence can be exercised similarly, in absence of celibacy no kundalini awakening is exercised!

For human beings to reach highest portals of spirituality... the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)... full awakening of kundalini is a must. Before one can proceed on path of kundalini awakening... we need establishing full control over five senses and mind!

In the present material world controlling inherent sexual inhibitions... the wanton desires and greed for materialistic riches is very difficult! In present times people believing in one day night stands... can such a one be expected to achieve kundalini awakening ever! As entailed in Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism... a maximum of two sexual indulgences per month are permitted (one is desirable).

Kundalini awakening must only be indulged by one who can control sexual inhibitions as designated by sacred Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism! We have to follow the path of absolute celibacy... no matter what! Practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation in present times is really difficult yet, not impossible!

Practicing celibacy in present world full of lovely ladies is walking on a razors edge! One single mistake and we lose everything! Sage Vishwamitra of yore on the sight of a maiden woman taking bath in forlorn circumstances in deep dense jungles (forests) fell from grace... he had to repeat the practice of celibacy all over again!

If we try to understand process of kundalini awakening in simpler words... it is climbing a multistoried building containing 1.1 million steps (1.1 million lives in the human form)! To achieve such a feat in a small span of 70 to 80 years means taking the elevator straight up! The journey by elevator becomes possible by traveling the path of absolute celibacy... never otherwise!

By indulging in sex or love most of the time kundalini awakening simply cannot be exercised! We must never remain under an illusion created by many untamed religious preachers of present times! The path of kundalini awakening demands highest level of patience, persistence and perseverance at its best!

It is simpler to become a president of United States of America... it is simpler to become a Mahatma Gandhi... it is easier to become Nelson Mandela... but to dream of kundalini awakening is exercising almost hundred times power than vested with present United states of America! The will power that needs to be exercised is mind-boggling.

In a world full of materialistic riches... the glare of gold and diamonds galore... it is extremely difficult to keep a tab on sexual inhibitions! Only one that has the potential of exercising willpower equivalent to Swami Vivekananda can truly awaken kundalini Shakti... the dormant lying kundalini energy in the base of spine!

For full awakening of kundalini we need to understand what celibacy is all about! Physical abstinence from sex only constitutes 10% of celibacy... 90% of celibacy is exercised mentally! Attaining full purification of thoughts... when not a single thought related to members of opposite sex gets invoked by us... one reaches highest citadel of spirituality... stage of absolute celibacy!

If practice of absolute celibacy demands not a single thought of members of opposite sex entering our brain... how can one indulge in love or sex! For riding the elevator straight up in a short life span of 70 to 80 years... we need transmuting the entire sexual energies to more creative channels! Transmuting sexual energy towards the only goal of life is what kundalini awakening is all about!

God Almighty ordained a particular quota of sexual energy... cosmic energy to every man and woman month after month... year after year! Some while it away through pure physical channels (I am sorry if I called it love and sex); while others directed it towards the only goal of life! It is by transmuting all the cosmic energies available... human beings finally awakened their kundalini fully!

How difficult kundalini awakening is can be gauged from the fact that without full awakening of the kundalini the stage of enlightenment can never be reached. In the last about 150 years amongst 7 billion people world over only two persons reached the stage of enlightenment... Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana!

Does this mean amongst 7 billion people world over only two persons were able to fully awaken their kundalini Shakti in the last about 150 years... yes, the truth is so! Partial awakening of the kundalini does not make one reach the stage of enlightenment similar as 99°C temperature does not produce steam for the engine to roll on.

No matter whatever the claim of many world over... kundalini awakening is exercising our capabilities to the maximum limit possible! For gaining enlightenment we almost need the power of God Almighty so that human beings exercise absolute celibacy in totality and reach the portals of God Almighty... the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha).

Kundalini awakening in women is difficult as they are imbibed with excessive emotional attachment... termed moha in Hinduism. Merited with bondage of attachment... Moha... ladies were primarily meant for taking care of family! For Ladies to awaken kundalini... they need to exercise more restraint than required of men... something extremely difficult to achieve in present times!

Love and sex are part of human life... an integral part of family bonding yet, on the path of pure spirituality both love and sex lose their meaning! In the field of spirituality... on the path of kundalini awakening... for practicing absolute celibacy... one needs reframing from bodily love and sex in totality! This is how God Almighty ordained the spiritual domain to be.

When 11 years of age I had a deep-rooted desire to see and meet God! By 13 my desire turned to firm conviction... come whatever may in this very life I shall see and meet God! 25 years of yoga meditation I finally reached the stage of self realization in 1993 at 37 years of age! At no stage of life I was ever aware what kundalini meant.

But by the grace of God my kundalini awakened fully absolutely unknown to me! I distinctly remember practicing absolute celibacy for a period of 14 years in continuation! Born with indomitable power of Swami Vivekananda... the will power exercised by Winston Churchill... with all eggs in one basket... I finally crossed the ocean of samsara (worldly life)... reached portals of God!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Kundalini Awakening Sex. For more on sexual abstinence celibacy kundalini awakening and women visit - kundalini awakening sex love. Send Your Query
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