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Enlightenment Kaivalya Jnana

Enlightenment is something what we have been born for! The entire process of a soul atman manifesting a body right from the first manifestation as an amoeba and until the last leg of the journey (the total journey of 8.4 million manifestations) was the requisite of our soul atman for without it our soul atman could not have survived.

To bring back itself to its glorious pristine form every soul atman desires that the body in the last leg of its cosmic journey as a human being reaches stage of enlightenment and finally gains salvation. In every stage of life as a human being our soul atman (within the body) prompts us from within to expedite the journey and gain enlightenment and the earliest.

Only after gaining enlightenment does one reach the level of salvation and that too in the human form alone. And sooner salvation is achieved... the soul atman (purified of all the dross contained within) goes back to the kingdom of God (known as Vaikuntha in Hinduism). The journey for the soul atman finally ends.

Gaining enlightenment in one's life is the crux of life itself. The end goal is not limited by the desires or the wants of the body. It is a dictate from God Almighty that one finally gains enlightenment at the end of the journey. The 8.4 millionth manifestation announces one reaching the stage of enlightenment. Beyond enlightenment there is nothing more to achieve. Having gained enlightenment our soul atman finally liberates itself from the cycle of birth and death. No more manifestations... the journey finally comes to rest.

The journey of the soul atman from the first manifestation to the last is completed by the soul atman in a maximum of 8.4 million manifestations... a total journey of 96.4 million earthly years. A long journey indeed for the soul atman within us! Reaching the manifest stage of life as a human being announces that a journey of 7.3 million manifestations has already been completed. In the form of a human being alone we have 1.1 million types of manifestations. One be born a King in the present manifestation and in the next one can be born a farmer... everything depending upon the doctrine of residual karma.

But to cut across the earthly cycle... every human being is required to take control of all the five senses and the mind. Only then one can hope to reach the level of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Performing the right yoga and following the path of Neti (as practiced and advocated by Maharishi Ramana)... one is able to negate the impurities contained within. Celibacy plays a very dominant role for reaching stage of enlightenment within present life. Unless and until celibacy is practiced for a continuous period of 12 years minimum... enlightenment within present life cannot be gained. Practicing absolute celibacy is an essential requirement for every true seeker of spirituality.

Absolute celibacy can always be practiced while remaining in Grihastha Ashram (living the life of a householder). One only needs to curtail the wanton desires and sensual attachments. It is not a must that to practice absolute celibacy sexual abstinence is necessary.
It was possible for me to do it. I realized God in 1993. I started in search of God at the age of 11 years. I finally succeeded in gaining Self Realization after 25 years of intense yoga meditation and practice of Neti and celibacy.

God has been kind to me... I have always looked forward to life in a truthful way always and ever. The whole world (6000 million people) apart can never sway me from the path of truthfulness I have always practiced and followed. Death carries no meaning for me for having gained Self Realization the fear of death has been overcome by me.

The death of body does not mean anything to me. I have purified myself and come out unscathed. Until the moment I realized God in 1993... I had no inkling what was meant by Self Realization, what was the true meaning of Kundalini getting awakened... and where I had reached. It was only after God gave me direct dictation after Self Realization that I understood what I had gained in life.
Having reached my 8.4 millionth manifestation... the journey of life being over for me... the present life being my last manifestation... I have but to guide the humanity nay those serious seekers of spirituality about what real life is all about!

I had never had a chance to understand Bhagavad Gita in the earlier stages of my life. The moment I realized God it was as if I had written Bhagavad Gita in one of my earlier manifestations. My Kundalini awakened unknown to me... some say it is a miracle! Not actually for I really worked hard for it.

Proceeding on the path of absolute truthfulness is really tough indeed. Wanton desires always trying to dissuade you from the right path, sensual pleasures always inflicting upon you the choicest of attractions and what not! The strict regimen of patience and persistence carried me through.
There were at times many critical failures in life. But reaching the end of the journey within present life was my only goal. I had to become enlightened and come face to face with God come whatever may! I finally did it!

Here I would like to mention that my ego having dissolved rather merged in the supreme ego, I have but to retain the I (of me) until the body is there! It is only when I leave the body... this I would also get released for ever. The I presently being used is not the I of the ego but only a nomenclature to address a body the world knows as Vijay Kumar!

Enlightenment is something which cannot be expressed in words. Enlightenment has to be experienced to understand the gains behind it. No further manifestations... I have become free forever... what a noble goal of life it has been for me all throughout.
My family includes my wife and two daughters. At times they have suffered... but in their sufferings they have learnt those lessons of life which are not yet available to people like Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. My daughters are amongst the chosen few who have learnt the basics and understand what spirituality and enlightenment truly stand for.

They may not follow the path I have followed... but when I discuss with them anything related to spirituality and enlightenment... the glow on their faces tells all. Inherently they definitely support that the goal of every human being is gaining enlightenment but before doing that these two young girls want to enjoy the best part of their lives. God bless them!

Self Realization that I have achieved also means gaining enlightenment. The English desire water, the followers of Islamic dharma want Paani and Hindus desire Jala. All need to drink water and that is the end.
The enlightenment is never spiritual or personal. But only people traveling the spiritual path are able to reach this goal of life. The path to enlightenment is not a hazardous one... it is only the perspective how we look at it.

For a blind... the tail of an elephant, his leg and trunk may have different meanings. But in the field of spirituality all these three parts belong to the same individual. It is the doctrine of Anekantavada which clears this mess. Like celibacy Anekantavada also forms a very crucial part of the journey of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is normally gained by one or two persons in a century or so. Right from the stage of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed the chain is not very long. In the last about 150 years only two persons have gained enlightenment. They were Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

Why the journey of enlightenment is considered as a tough one is explained further. One may have to leave the precincts of your house... a stage may come that you may no longer be able to recognize your children and your wife for every child living on Mother Earth becomes your child but not otherwise (your wife practically becomes like a sister for you).

The journey of enlightenment is a complete detachment from worldly life... there is no doubt about it. Only those who have the capability to travel the path of truthfulness with full honesty and sincerity may attempt to travel the path. In the present kali yoga I repeat it is really difficult to achieve this fait accompli but not impossible! To put an end to the matter I simply have to say that a single thought of God gives me so much pleasure (bliss) that even six pegs may not suffice.

Enlightenment is truly a journey not for the rich... it is a journey for those who are rich in character and full of patience and persistence. Madame Curie who gave away her life while searching for radium in pitchblende may be the right candidate but Bill Gates a bitter failure. He demands royalty for the intelligence bestowed upon him by the grace of God. May God bless those who start in search of enlightenment in their present life!

Be it age of spiritual enlightenment, personal experience of buddha, path to enlightenment, center for spiritual enlightenment quote definition essay, meditation and instant personal enlightenment woman, buddhism and enlightenment concept theory... everything bogs down to... whether or not we gain self realization in this life!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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