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In various sacred scriptures of the world... including prophecies of famous seers and visionaries... end time prophecy plays a subtle role. Why? As per sacred Bhagavad Gita... the foremost of all sacred scriptures existing on Mother Earth... life comes full circle every 3500 to 5000 years! What does it actually mean when we say the circle of life completes in 3500 to 5000 years!

The end times prophesied in Bhagavad Gita occurs with the end of a Kali Yuga... the darkest hour in the history of mankind! The end of Kali Yuga announces the approaching end times prophecy foretold in scriptures! Kali Yuga... the dark age... the present metal age is the precipitating point for the end times. The stage of Kali Yuga cannot continue forever.

Kali Yuga is a period of total strife when basic fabric of the society breaks down. As the clock rings 5 a.m. in the morning... it is the end of Kali Yuga. Even more menacing hour has started... the ghor Kali Yuga phase of life when ethics and morality completely disappear from society. Ethics and morality do not take backstage but altogether vanish as if nothing much had happened!

With passage of time life slowly moves towards the culminating point... a period in history of mankind that would be remembered forever... a complete renaissance... a total upheaval... when even dogs rule the roost... King of the jungle watching wide-eyed! The human values deteriorate to an extent that living in society becomes comparable to savage life of jungles (forests).

By the time clock rings 5:15 a.m. in morning... world war 3 has started... a full scale nuclear war that would devastate mankind forever. Death of 1200 million people would cast such a gloom world over... a pot of gold lying in by lane would find no picker! It is time for Humpty Dumpty to have its great fall... when none world over would be able to keep Humpty Dumpty together again.

The end times prophesied in scriptures is round the corner. Around 2012 world awaits the final precipitation of all that is immoral, unethical, unlivable... the doom of mankind for centuries to come! Every human being is concerned about the impending doom but at the individual level we fail to do our best... we fail to realize it is our karma of the past that is precipitating the doom.

The end times prophecy also has a silver lining... a streak of magic... a lullaby of hope for the ailing mankind. Beyond 6:15 a.m. lay the dawn of a new era... when the morning rays of the sun announce the start of Satyuga... the golden period! Sooner mankind changes its values... from materialistic tendencies... to a period of spiritual renaissance... a spiritual calm!

Everything in life has a peak and also a bottom trough. At any given moment of time we experience both lest life becoming monotonous... totally meaningless and worthwhile! For the present mankind, engaged in survival of the fittest... Dharma (righteousness) has to be re-established at any cost.

It is at this juncture... our sacred scriptures announce coming of a messiah... an Avatar (God manifest in human form). Every era starts with the coming of a messiah. During Dwaper Yuga the times were full of strife as of now. During that era Lord Krishna donned the mantle of a messiah and in present times people await the coming of Bhagwan Kalki... the annihilator of Kali Yuga!

End times prophecy envisaged in scriptures is not without a meaning... a message for the mankind! Playing with nature is playing with fire, one ultimately lands burning our own fingers! For too long Mother Nature has suffered at the hands of mankind... time has come to punish mankind at large! Adharma (lawlessness) would be rooted out forever in the period 2012 to 2014!

The sacred Bhagavad Gita envisages coming of Bhagwan Kalki. End times prophecy in bible clearly depicts end of Vatican! None can play with the fundamental laws of nature. If we indulge... the consequences are disastrous! Catholics fear the end of papacy with the coming of Bhagwan Kalki... one who shall be termed Antichrist... one who shall identify truth from falsehood!

The major fundamental principles of the Church and Christianity at large are at stake. It is the coming of Bhagwan Kalki that would make clear the fallacies that exist in Christianity. Truth always remains truth. The doctrine of Bhagavad Gita came about 1500 years earlier to Christianity. The teachings of Lord Krishna are absolutely pure!

In our everyday life we see King going naked. But who has the power to call one a naked. When Bhagwan Kalki... the Guardian of truth cries hoarse... does the community rise from slumber! Time has come to unveil absolute truths of life... the truths contained in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism! The King was all the time naked but none had the conscience to call one naked.

Let us all face the coming years of end times prophecy laid down in scriptures! Revitalizing the basic forces of nature is the call of day. A mammoth effort is required to cleanse the society of its ills. Bhagwan Kalki... a loner would simply be an instrument of God Almighty... the real work would be done by true soldiers of God... loners amongst us... the real seekers of truth in disguise!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains concept of Bible Prophecy End Times. For more on end times scriptures prophecy visit -
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