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Dharma is that Elixir vitae of the cosmic system in absence of which life cannot sustain on its own. Dharma is the root cause of life be it the form of an insect, plant, animal or a human being. The existence of a plant without the sap is beyond comprehension. It is the existence of the sap which gives plant life its meaning. Ever since life sustained itself in the Cosmos... the inherent Dharma supported the cause of living a meaningful life. Without Dharma life could not have withstood its ground. Life is there for inherent Dharm is there.

The presence of Dharma in the life of a Jiva (living being) is essential for maintaining an ethical approach towards life. The complete manifest life in the Cosmos owes its existence to Dharm and Dharma alone. Imagine a situation about 3600 years back when not even Lord Krishna set his foot on Mother Earth. Lord Krishna not yet born, all religions totally absent, no saint and sage to guide... How did human beings conduct themselves in day-to-day affairs of life?

About 1000 years later came Mahavira and his followers termed as followers of Jainism. About 77 years later followed Gautama Buddha... signifying that Buddhism also had not been born by then. About 450 years later came Jesus Christ and his following termed as Christianity. Followed him Prophet Mohammed and the Islamic Dharma!

Going back to the times when even Lord Krishna had not yet arrived... Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed had also not been born... how the humanity conducted itself! At this point of time it was Dharma and Dharm alone which supported every living being for the seeds of Dharma exist within every living being inherently all the time. It is Dharma within every living being which prompts one to maintain ethical standards in life always and ever.

Dharma can thus be defined as, "Your right to do what is just and right and not what was destined". It is Dharma which gives impetus... the required momentum to conduct life in a meaningful manner. It is Dharma which develops within us a feeling of compassion towards the less fortunate. Again it is Dharma which prompts from within to remain truthful all the time. Truthfulness truly is the most important ingredient of Dharma. In brief Dharma stands for righteousness. Conducting ourselves in a rightful manner is the desire of God Almighty. The same is expected from every living being.

For the society to survive... its inhabitants are imbibed with some values from within. It is Dharma which supports every living being from within. Truly ways of God Almighty are unique!

Now what is the basic difference between Dharma and religion? Every religion is the cause of a following which develops after an enlightened being. The followers of Gautama Buddha are termed as Buddhists and the religion Buddhism. The followers of Jesus Christ are termed as Christians and the religion Christianity.
Contrary to the above religions... the followers of Islam are normally known as following Islamic Dharma. This is indicative of the fact that Islamic Dharma has a much broader approach towards life compared to Buddhism and Christianity.

The reason being the followers of Islamic Dharma do not consider Prophet Mohammed to be the ultimate. The followers of Islamic Dharma believe in the existence of an Almighty God and treat Prophet Mohammed as his true son.

Likewise the followers of Jainism are never termed after Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara. Jainism has never been termed as a religion ever. Jainism is termed as, "a way of life" which has a very deep imbibed meaning. Jainism truly corroborates the meaning of Dharma.
It is Dharma on basis of which every form of life on Mother Earth conducts itself. Without Dharma it would have been a total chaos for every living form would have fought and decimated each other. The complete living order on Mother Earth as on date owes its existence to Dharma which is inherent within every living being.

How animals conduct themselves towards human beings and how human beings conduct themselves towards animal life is all prompted by Dharma within. It is Dharma which prompts one in need to pray to God and seek his blessings. It is Dharma which prompts from within that there is a power much higher than us which controls the total system. Dharma is the inner strength and the order of the day. Society can live without religion but never without Dharma. Dharma is that food for thought that makes life... go on and on right from the first manifestation to the last 8.4 million manifestation.

Let us all pray to god to conduct ourselves all the time by following true Dharma. Only then one can gain enlightenment within this life... the final goal of cosmic life as God meant it to be!

Be it what is dharma hindu sastra sanatan sanatana dharma definition define hinduism dharma chakra... everything bogs down to... whether or not we understand the true purport of Dharma as in Hinduism!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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