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The destiny of a human being is fixed or variable. Can the control of destiny be exercised by one! Is it possible for a normal human being to take complete control of his destiny? Is it possible to manifest destiny? Yes! It is possible to manifest destiny if you are able to understand the crux of life. The destiny of every human being rests with one. It is like a chest of gold the key of which is not immediately made available to us. Only having passed certain standards in life would the key become available to us?

To manifest our own destiny there are some requisites fulfilling which one manifests ones own destiny? The moment one enters the domain of human life... the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life... one reaches the stage of enlightenment and finally salvation. Before that we need to take control of our destiny in totality. How? Before we indulge further in the matter of destiny... we need to understand the reality of life!

The garb of a human being has been taken by our soul atman within. It is not vice versa. It is not within the competence of a body to inherit a soul atman within. That is just not possible. our soul atman within has taken the body to purify itself of all the impurities contained within. Unless and until our soul atman is devoid of all the dross within... it can never become enlightened and gain salvation.

The goal of life belongs to our soul atman within. The body only does its bidding! It is only when the body sublimates itself entirely at the disposal of atman the soul within... can the body manifest destiny. The ego of the body has to be merged with the larger ego... the ego of God Almighty. Unless the body completely surrenders its ego and merges with the larger whole... the body can never manifest destiny.

Having realized the truth of life... submerging our ego with that of Almighty God... one does manifest destiny for ever. It is at this point our soul atman becomes governing. The ego of a human being having merged completely with the desires of the soul atman within... the soul atman becomes free to reach its goal at the earliest.
As long as the ego of a human being is dominating... the destiny eludes us forever. We must always remember that it is our soul atman within on its cosmic journey and not the body. The fruits of the karma always belong to our soul atman within. The fruits of the karma performed by us never belong to the body.

If we desire to manifest destiny then we need to perform the karma in a fashion that the journey by the soul atman within gets shortened. The body always has to abide by the dictates of the soul atman within. If we try to hear the sweet small voice coming from our heart... the voice of our soul atman within... then we shall find that it always guides us on the right path.

Following this sweet small voice... every human being can manifest one's destiny. Taking control of one's destiny means giving the active control of body into the hands of our soul atman within! And that is possible after we have surrendered the ego of the body to the soul atman within.
To manifest destiny we also need to transgress beyond the domain of Prarabdha Karma. Whatever be the balance of karma in present life... we have to absolve ourselves forever from the clutches of negative karma performed in the earlier lives.

This is possible only after we seek forgiveness from all the souls' atmans one comes across in the cosmic life cycle. We have to under all circumstances become free of the Karmic bondage we may hold with any of the souls atmans while on cosmic journey. Freeing ourselves of the karmic bondage from all souls' atmans is one of the pivotal points of manifesting destiny in present life.

To absolve ourselves of all the negative karma performed in the earlier lives ... negating the karmic bondage from its roots is the foremost essential requirement for one to manifest destiny. This can only be done by chanting of the requisite mantra. To cut the shackles of all the previous lives... and liberate ourselves of all the negative karma performed earlier... the chanting of the right mantra is an essential must.

How we can cut across the shackles of the Prarabdha Karma is the most difficult task for a human being in present life. No human being living in the present knows of the mantra. Only after gaining enlightenment that the efficacy of the mantra can be known. Those serious seekers of spirituality who are on the verge of gaining enlightenment come to know of this mantra inherently by the grace of God. Unless that happens... the karmic bondage of the previous lives cannot be done away with.

The moment one absolves self of the karmic bondage of the earlier lives... one becomes free forever to manifest destiny in present life. It is now that one can desire and reach the end goal of life in present life itself. Overcoming the shackles of Prarabdha Karma is one of the most difficult tasks faced by every serious seeker of spirituality.

All man Gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were able to manifest destiny as they were able to cut across the shackles of karmic bondage of earlier lives in their present life.
The destiny of a human being is not limited by the goal of the present life. One may become Bill Gates in present life after having manifested destiny but the cosmic goal of every human being remains gaining enlightenment and finally salvation.

We must always remember that the final goal of every earthly journey being emancipation from the cycle of birth and death forever. Be it Bill Gates Bill Clinton... the goal of every living being shall always remain gaining enlightenment in the end and finally salvation. In present life we may or not move towards our ultimate goal of life but the ultimate goal of life remains fixed for all living beings.

Anyone who transcends the physical goal of life walks the spiritual path of life. One may earn millions and billions in the present phase of life but unless and until one works out the requisite karma and proceeds towards the ultimate goal of life... all becomes fruitless.

As stated in the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita... the only thing which an individual can carry along from the present phase of life to the next manifestation is the residual balance of karma. If the present balance of karma is positive in nature then one is bound to have a bright future ahead. On the contrary one who may have earned billions of dollars but carries negative balance of karma in present life may be born an insect in the next life!

Why commit atrocities that do not earn Punya karma (resultant good karma)! Whatever be the present goal of life... every happening in our life must focus on the ultimate goal of life which is gaining enlightenment and finally salvation. Every relationship of the present life ceases to exist in next manifestation. The next phase of life would be altogether new. No old relationships carried forward... it is only the balance of karma which decides what our new manifestation would be. Whether we shall be born in the house of a king or a cobbler is totally dependent upon the resultant residual karma of the previous lives. That is what manifest destiny is all about!

Be it manifest destiny fulfilled childs supreme ultimate showdown quote, fate, destined, karma... everything bogs down to... whether or not we manifest destiny in this life!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Destiny. For more on destiny visit -
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