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Brahman | Almighty God: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Adhyatma - meaning of Adhyatma - study of our atman the soul within

Advaita Vedanta

Agni - importance of agni - god of Fire in Hinduism - agni Yoga

Anadi Kaal - beginning less state of time - the state of timelessness

Antaratma - study of our inner self - our soul the atman within

Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

Aum - Meaning of om aum omkar - cosmic medium of communication

Bhagavan Kalki

Bhagvad Gita - Essence of Bhagavad Gita explained in simpler terms

Big Bang Theory


Brahman - defining brahman god creator of the cosmos karta parmatman

Define Atman


Enlightened Beings




Hinduism - Bhagavad Gita - Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism Atman

Hinduism Beliefs - hinduism basics - beliefs of hinduism

Jiva - Definition Jiva (living being) in hinduism - relation with atman soul

Jnana Yoga - defining jnana Yoga Hinduism - foremost path of spirituality

Kaivalya Jnana - Kaivalya - the knowledge of the absolute cosmic wisdom

Kali Yuga



Kama - Definition kama sensual Essence of Life present in every being

Karma - meaning Definition Karma - its relation to physical work

Karta - God Almighty creator - doer of everything in the cosmos



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Brahman Almighty God
the creator of the universe
god almighty

Brahman: is totally different from the Gods we pray to in our normal course of Life. To comprehend the reality of the Absolute (Brahman) is just banned to ordinary Human Beings. Those on a path towards Self, God-Realization get a glimpse of his domain now and then ... the divine link which keeps the spark of self inquiry glowing within!

How much blessed are those ... Who see the Almighty in all its Cosmic glory!! The most beautiful of the beautiful ... is but a creation of his ... be it the beauty of the Nature, Science or a human being ... a perfect blonde in her teens!!! (Madhuri Dixitís comparison to a Goddess is not an exaggeration. She is not a creation of spare time).

One who can create such beauty ... a Cosmos comprising of many Universes, a Universe comprising of many Milky ways and Galaxies, Milky ways and Galaxies having cluster of Stars exceeding tens of thousand in numbers! Among the Stars a small Star with nine Planets is our Solar system!! What Cosmic beauty ... what display of accuracy and control!! Not a single Star or Planet going out of control and dashing against another upsetting the Cosmic order and balance ... You can now imagine how mighty would he be!!!

Is a puny Human Being supposed to question his propriety? The most frequently asked question (FAQ) ... Why were we created! to suffer at his hands!! What an anomaly!!! Why would he who created us would lead us astray only to suffer ... Such is not ... his being. We underestimate and under evaluate him and continue doing our most heinous deeds! We try to shift the blame of our cowardice and inaction ... Still, the balance remain maintained.

Theory of Karma keeps the system of God perpetuating in full glory ... only to be rediscovered by an Avatar, a son of God after every 1000~2000 years! Only when such a mighty one unveils the Absolute Truth ... Do we shift the focus of blame from God to self and praise the Lord for what he is and shall continue to be.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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