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Brahmacharya vrata
Vow of Celibacy

Brahmacharya vrat: is the most fundamental requirement to be followed truthfully, sincerely and honestly for a period of full twelve years in continuation. A single break would render the austere practice useless. All would have to be repeated again.

Sage Vishwamitra fell from grace and had to undergo the rigorous practice again when he got attracted towards a lady taking bath in the most sensuous environment ... by the lake in a forlorn jungle. Had he practiced control at this stage, he would have equaled Sage Vashisht but so was not to be.

In the present World full of lust and passions, to practice and be able to achieve the requisite vow of Brahmacharya vrat (become a celibate) would be short of a miracle. Yogis are not born. They make themselves so by performing penances of the highest order.

For the Kundalini to be awakened fully, practice of celibacy is a must. Awakening of Kundalini brings with itself many powers, foremost of which is ... darshan (vision) of God the Creator. Coming face-to-face with your atman the soul within gives you such an exhilarating experience that you can now weigh all your thinking and decisions on the Cosmic scale. Next, you achieve the power to invoke Cosmic wisdom Jnana available in the Brahmaand Cosmos through the process of Shruti.

The present Life becomes your last manifestation and there is no more Life after death. You have been able to crossover from the threshold of death into the laps of God. What more could you ask for! The bodily manifestation having lost its value you start perceiving all as living Atmans Souls. Corresponding with live Atmans becomes a fancy for you. You take the charge of a preceptor and guide the Humanity to its destined course.

What a glory awaits one who has taken complete control of self and having practiced celibacy for full twelve years becomes a direct son of God on Mother Earth. Wow to such a one in whose glory basks complete Humanity ... a true Celibate!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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