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Brahmaand Universe Cosmos


Brahmaand: brahmand stands for the total Creation existing ... perceptible by our senses, science and beyond all comprehension up to the last stretches of entity covered by evolution.

To envision the vast area covered by total Cosmos, we have to start from the level of a Human Being. human beings imagine and live within a notion that earth is the end of all. Comparing the planet Earth with the size of Cosmos we ultimately realize the absolute truth ... planet earth forms part of a cluster of nine planets revolving around Sun, a small star. Millions of stars comprise a galaxy. Millions of Galaxies form one universe and thousands of universes constitute the entire structure the Brahmaand (the Cosmos).

Relatively insignificant but the ability to achieve the status of man god ... such is the capability inherent in all Human Beings. One may or may not be able to achieve the ultimate goal in one Life span of 70 - 80 years is but a matter of speculation and entirely dependent upon the resultant Karma of a being.

Brahmaand is considered to be without a boundary ... hence the saying by god realized Souls that the Ephemeral World is but a thought of God. All is Maya (ignorance). It is the ego within every being owing to which a Jivatma (soul + body) starts giving weightage to the physical part of the self. Understand the Cosmic truth and all would become clear.

Relatively speaking, Human Being is but a speck of dust in the vast Cosmos yet most powerful. Why not scan the latent powers and realized self within this Life!!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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