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Bhagavan Kalki sri kalki bhagwan

Bhagavan Kalki... the showman of the era is expected shortly. One with almost equivalent powers of Lord Krishna... Bhagwan Kalki would be the most revered person on Mother Earth in the near future. It would be beyond the capacity of a normal human being to assess and understand the phenomenon that would be termed as Bhagavan Kalki.

In the present Kali Yuga of today (aka the metal age)... the advent of Bhagavan Kalki is awaited with abated breath. Bhagwan Kalki would be the one who delivers the mankind from the ills of today. A one-man phenomenon... Kalki Bhagavan shall take the entire community of the world... the 6000 million people by storm.

Bhagavan Kalki shall wield that power and influence which shall make even the most powerful scouring for hidden pastures. Bhagwan Kalki would stand for truthfulness and justice. For Kalki Bhagavan maintaining the Dharma and bringing about the end of Kali Yuga would be the most formidable task.

Bhagavan Kalki would have a following of about 1000 million people. There is no extent to which these 1000 million people would be willing to go for they have placed their firm faith in Bhagwan Kalki. They are the blind followers of Kalki Bhagavan. Apart from these 1000 million people Kalki Bhagwan would further had a following of further 1000 million people.

To bring about the end of an era... jolt back the society back on its firm roots... starting the Satyuga are some of the tasks that Bhagavan Kalki would have assigned to himself. The deliverer of the Yuga of Kali... Bhagwan Kalkin bearing almost same powers as Lord Krishna would be the most feared avatar the mankind has ever witnessed. It is almost 3600 years since the advent of Lord Krishna on Mother Earth that a person of the stature of kalki bhagavan arrives on the scene. It was during the times of Lord Krishna the values in the society had completely crumbled and broken down.

It was not possible for a human being nay even man gods for that matter... to restore the values in the society. Adharma was prevalent everywhere. The society could not have survived for long. Someone with supernatural powers... an avatar (manifest God himself) of the era was required. Lord Krishna finally came on the scene.
Not only was Lord Krishna able to bring justice to the society... he was able to firmly establish Dharma.

Now time has come for history to repeat itself. When the ball goes rolling few steps down after bouncing back again and again it becomes flat. Someone with the powers of an avatar who shall be able to lift this ball and throw it again is required. It shall be a superhuman feat. Even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed would fail in that matter.

The job of an avatar can only be done by the likes of Lord Krishna or Bhagavan Kalki. It is this typical manifest stage in life when we shall all witness the advent of Bhagwan Kalki. The end of the present Kali Yuga would entail great sacrifice. Sacrifices from those who have a list of crimes attached with their name and also those who are absolutely innocent! Unless and until the blood of the innocent is spilt... the war of Dharma would not have been won.

Kalki Bhagavan is expected to be the cause of 5.5 million deaths initiated on his own. Only then the society be wiped clean of all the ills existing today.

The present Kali Yuga would end with a fierce battle between the Christianity and the proponents of Islamic Dharma. A fight to the finish between these two communities would result in the whole world engaging in World War Three. The result... almost 1200 million deaths... something inconceivable in the present circumstances!

Bhagavan Kalki would not be an arrogant. On the contrary he would be one from the masses. A commoner who as luck would have it become Bhagwan Kalki... the most powerful one! He would be one who represents truthfulness and justice. His parameters of working would remain confined to the sacred Bhagavad Gita alone. To precipitate a war between Dharma and adharma and come out of it unscathed would be the mettle displayed by kalki bhagavan all along.

Nostradamus has predicted that the blue turbaned one would be Bhagavan Kalki of the present era. He was right for the Indian Peninsula surrounded by water on two sides is just what Nostradamus was trying to indicate. Lord Krishna came from India. Followed him Mahavira and Gautama Buddha... both of whom belonged to India! Then appeared Jesus Christ... who gained his wisdom from the famous universities of Nalanda and Taxila which lay in India then! Prophet Mohammed also belonged to a region which was at a time part of older India.

All the spiritual behemoths were from India... so shall Bhagvan Kalkin be! India at large has been the spiritual centre of the world and it shall always be! This region of the world known as India is directly blessed by God. It is only the patience and persistence practiced by Indians that makes it the spiritual behemoth it is today. Let us all await the advent of kalki bhagavan for the betterment of the society.

Be it kalki bhagavan avatar of vishnu, sri bhagavan... everything bogs down to... whether or not we see kalkin bhagvan in our life time!

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By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Bhagavan Kalki. For more on bhagwan kalkin visit -
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