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Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3
commentary and summary

Bhagvad Gita shloka IX/3: Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3: In Bhagvad Gita chapter X shloka 3 Lord Krishna extolls the virtues of knowing the entire truth of the cosmic system. Similarly as knowing the Sun we lose interest in the power of a candle, the knower of God Almighty of the cosmos ... comes to understand the whole creation from the angle of God. If you need to understand a painting on a canvas ... you need to view it from the angle of the painter who painted it. For that you may have to understand the thinking process of the painter. Unless you accomplish this you shall not be able to interpret the meaning of the painting ... the abstract art that definitely conveys a meaning of its own. For knowing ... from where flows the water ... you need to go to its source. The moment you reach the source all becomes clear.

In Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 Lord Krishna explains various facets knowing which one can be understood to achieve the status of the knower of all ... become Omniscient. Here Lord Krishna emphasizes upon the fact that the entity of God is and has always been one without a birth ... the existence of god is from Times Immemorial ... that is without a beginning and an end. God Almighty of the cosmos exists ever since the whole creation came into existence. We are not talking of creation of a single Cosmos but even beyond. The domain of God is not limited to a particular Cosmos, which starts with a big bang and ends with the dissolution of the whole Cosmos ... again to restart as a new Cosmos and a fresh beginning. Life has always been like that ... it is only we Human Beings who are unable to fathom the inner secrets of the cosmic wisdom. God does not have a form ... we Human Beings, owing to the inherent ego present within us assume God to have a form.

God Almighty of the cosmos has always been the mightiest source of all cosmic energy that can be ever imagined by a Human Being. In a nutshell the Definition God can be presented as thus ... the sum total of all purified Atmans Souls in whole Cosmos (the combined energy of all) is what we call God Almighty. What else remains other than God Almighty in whole Cosmos? Virtually nothing! every atman soul present in the cosmos is a minuscule form of God Almighty. We Human Beings shall never be able to comprehend the power possessed by every atman soul present within all of us.

To comprehend the combined power of all atmans souls present in the Cosmos would be like a mosquito trying to comprehend the power of the mightiest of all computers present on earth. Yet, Human Beings have been given the power to comprehend even the minutest details of the cosmic system and at a certain stage of time become one with God Almighty ... that is to realize God in the present life and become a man God.

As per Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 becoming a man God is not praising the self of a Human Being ... for every Human Being who realizes God has to first burn out all his Karma ... negate his ego for ever ... that is permanently surrender his ego to God for ever and always. No ego ... one realizes God ... becomes one with the source itself. Our real self (all dross having removed for ever) ... the inner self having purified itself fully becomes a potential source of energy ... now, this purified Atman (soul) shines in its cosmic glory for the benefit of the mankind. Such was the power that manifested in Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Maharshi. Both these Souls realized God in their Lifetime and thereafter lived purely for the benefit of mankind and the masses. They truly understood the value of Life and taught the Humanity those inspirited Spiritual lessons ... which forms the core of all Spiritual learning and satisfies the inherent craving of every spiritual seeker.

I have often been receiving queries relating to the origin of God Almighty. If God is considered the Creator then who created God? Even before God came into existence ... what before? Is God the real Creator or just makes himself present after the Cosmos is created. If we try to visualize the boundary of the cosmos ... it is clearly understood that it does not exist! For, if it existed then what beyond? This mere statement confirms the fact that the whole Cosmos exists in the thinking of God as we exist in our dreams. The moment we wake up all vanishes. Hinduism confirms this fact and as accepted by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and also Ramana Maharshi the whole concept of the cosmos has been outlined as follows ...


The present Cosmos is a physical entity when viewed from the angle of our senses. The concept of Cosmos is beyond the comprehension of our senses. Now, how does one explain the concept which is beyond the grasp of senses ... Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa considers all Human Beings to be ignorant ... ignorant not from the point of view of the physical senses but on the cosmic plane. According to him all is Maya Veil of Ignorance ... there is nothing beyond this veil. One who is able to penetrate the veil becomes God realized and is able to comprehend the truth behind the phenomenon ... understands Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 in its entirety.

This phenomenon can also be explained through the concept of bacteria. From scientific point of view every bacteria is a living being yet ignorant of its existence. It has a Cosmos of its own. Every Human body is pervaded by billions of bacteria present in our body right from the stage of inception ... ever since the birth of a Human body on Mother Earth. The bacteria are not an intruder on our body yet they exist. Medical science confirms this fact that all bacteria live a definite pattern of Life that is not undefined. Everything moves in a rhythm and nothing is disordered at any stage (as has been expressed by Stephen Hawking in his book "a brief history of time"). The bacteria living in our inner body is not the least connected with the affairs conducted by a Human Being. Both have independent statuses but without any interaction among the two. As lives the bacteria within the body of a Human Being ... similar is the fate of a Human Being in the Cosmos. Who knows we may be living inside the stomach of God ... a fact that has been corroborated by various Hindu scriptures and even Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3!

The prime reason why in Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 Lord Krishna emphasizes on this fact that to know God and his existence ... we need to understand the cosmic structure from the angle of the various sacred Scriptures of all Religions of the World. One thing must be borne in mind that until and unless we realize God the true phenomenon of the cosmic concept of Life would not become clear to us. To gain Self Realization we need to understand and grasp the inner truths laid out in Bhagvad Gita without which all efforts would go in vain. Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 is not a document which is required to be preached to the masses ... every Human Being needs to assimilate and learn of the cosmic truth by his own efforts.

No Spiritual guru or a master can ever make us understand the principle behind the cosmic truth unless we put a foot forward and make every effort to understand the absolute truth. The Spiritual Master can only act as a guide ... a pillar of wisdom on our journey towards absolute freedom from Life for after God realization there is no Life after death of body. The present manifestation for a God realized soul becomes the last manifestation as a Human Being. No further Life to manifest our atman the soul within is liberated forever from the cycle of birth and death.

Further on in Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 Lord Krishna states that one who becomes the knower of all ... the intelligent amongst all Human Beings ... is absolved of all the sins forever and ever. Similarly as a bud that has bloomed can never again become a bud ... Even if desired by God the purified atman the soul within can never go back to its original position. (We all know that God never desires anything and the whole cosmic system is self-propelling ... in hinduism it has been stated that God Almighty has always been a dhrishta (onlooker) ... it never involves itself into the Karma of any being).

If we summarize the above concept as in Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 ... it literally means that every Atman can never attain total purity until all dross (the last trace of all sins) is removed forever from its body and the body means the form of a Human Being as only Humans have been empowered by God to realize self. In a nutshell if we truly mean to realize God in the present life ... we need to follow the dictates of Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita shloka X-3 in Toto. There is no shortcut whatsoever.

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