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Bhagvad Gita shloka X/2: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Bhagvad Gita shloka X-2
commentary and summary

Bhagvad Gita shloka X.2: In Bhagvad Gita chapter X shloka 2 Lord Krishna imparts to Arjuna the secret of the domain of God Almighty. None whomsoever has ever seen God with his physical eyes ... comprehending God is beyond the domain of senses and mind. Only after we have risen above a certain mental level can we visualize from our inner eyes the true concept of God. During the times of war sometimes a reconnaissance by flight is done to assess the ground realities ... which is neither possible nor feasible while remaining on the ground. This cuts down heavily on the casualties and augments the already existent planning. In the domain of God we have to take absolute control over our senses and also the mind before we can even think of visualizing the mighty power of God Almighty.

How do we establish control over the mental powers ... is something which every Human Being longs for! Something beyond our reach using the available physical means. The power of celibacy practiced in its entirety ... followed by awakening of Kundalini which in turn energizes the Sahasrara Chakra in our forehead (the thousand leaf lotus petaled chamber in our brain). The moment the Sahasrara Chakra is awakened ... all the dormant energies in the brain get released. This leads to opening up of inherent powers that be ... one establishes contact with God Almighty for the balance of Life. What a blissful stage it would be. All dross having removed ... our atman the soul within reaches the last leg of Cosmic Life. Our Atman becomes one with the Creator.

Senses and mind are limited to a Human Being ... the highest manifested power on Mother Earth ... no other being encompasses powers anything even comparable with that of a Human Being. Only Human Being has the power to think ... to think logically until the final goal is achieved. The common man also thinks but he is always confused ... one whose thinking is focused and already has framed a goal of Life ... how can such a one be left behind without ever achieving his goal ... Madame Curie, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill are some examples who fought against the existing norms of time ... their indomitable will succeeded in the end ... fear was never the cause for worry. They stood the ground even in most adverse circumstances. They fought well within themselves and always stood by God ... never letting down the small inner voice which always guided them on the right path. Even such Human Beings were far away from the kingdom of God ... for the kingdom of God belongs to those who not only think and work for the benefit of mankind ... but having risen above the control of senses and mind they can perceive and distinguish wrong from right. They have become the guardian angels who shall now maintain the kingdom of God on Mother Earth.

Lord Krishna emphasizes upon the fact that the mind of a normal Human Being is unable to conceive the origination of God as all creation exists since Times Immemorial and is without a beginning. Yet, we can always feel the presence of God everywhere since the time of big bang. It is not God himself who manifests but his divinity ... our atman the soul within that manifests on Mother Earth and shall always continue to manifest. Such Spiritual Masters after learning of the secrets of the domain of God can preach to the mankind the benefits of traveling on the path of wisdom. Once we believe in the fact that God always remains unseen but still we can always feel his presence ... what our Spiritual elders have to say in the matter is accepted by the society. Not because they are more learned than us but because they are the nodal points where manifests the divinity itself.

Lord Krishna also emphasizes upon the fact that the stage of a Human Being ... the highest manifested stage on Mother Earth is not to be passed of as a mere fact of Life. only as a Human Being can one achieve Moksha Salvation. Even Devas (Celestial beings) have to come down to Mother Earth and take the garb of a Human Being before final liberation can take place. No other form other than of a Human Being can achieve Salvation (moksha). Having reached the highest stage of manifested Life ... must we all not strive to obtain Salvation in the present life! Difficult ... yet, not unachievable. We, living on Mother Earth strive to gain the kingdom of Heaven after we leave the body ... only again to come back on Mother Earth ... take the garb of a Human Being and realize God. The cycle can always go on and on ... until we realize the subtle truth. Does it mean that while in Heaven we cannot gain God Realization ... Emancipation forever from the cycle of birth and death ... yes, we never can do that ... we need to come back to Mother Earth ... take the body of a Human Being ... become a Spiritual Master of the highest order like King Arjuna ... only then can we hope to achieve liberation from the manifest Life forever.

Spiritual masters who have not yet realized God ... Spiritual leaders of the level of Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Acharya Rajneesh Osho ... they also need to rise still higher up the mental plain before they can achieve liberation forever from the cycle of Life and Death. All these masters truly desired Self Realization in their Life yet, could not succeed and all have truthfully admitted of this fact in their biographies and autobiographies. Similarly as heating water to the temperatures of 99 degrees centigrade cannot produce enough steam power enabling a steam engine to get started ... one needs to reach the hundred percent level before full steam power can be generated to give the final thrust to the Spiritual engine of Life. Vivekananda left his body at 99 degrees centigrade ... he was aware of it ... he deeply repented it yet, he had no solution. Similarly, Aurobindo desired God Realization within this Life and admitted at the end part of his Life that in spite of all the efforts he could not attain Self Realization and hoped that in the next Life he would attain it ... such was the will power of these Spiritual Masters! Admitting of their failures and achievements in public is a feat which cannot be accomplished by man of lower virtues.

Why so? Not even the Spiritual Masters who have accomplished a certain state of Spiritual development are unable to conceive the concept of God. Not possible for Celestial beings (Devtas) and even Spiritual Masters ... there must be something divine in reaching the stage of God Realization. To distinguish the Pearls from the ordinary stones ... to reach a stage when everything is permanent bliss ... what more is there to seek after having realized God.

Here Lord Krishna emphasizes on Pandava King Arjuna the virtues of knowing God and permanently residing in his domain after God Realization.

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