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Bhagvad Gita shloka X-1
commentary and summary

Bhagvad Gita shloka X.1: Bhagvad Gita chapter X shloka 1 primarily deals with Lord Krishna exhorting on Arjuna the value of understanding the hidden inner meanings of his statements which are nothing but truth and only truth (here whatever has been stated by Lord Krishna are termed as vachans(words of God) because anything which come from the mouth of Lord Krishna ... God Almighty manifesting a human form can be nothing but the absolute truth). As there is none to defy the accuracy or the Truthfulness of the statements made by Lord Krishna ... everything written in Bhagvad Gita is taken as words of God. Lord Krishna makes all possible attempts to convince Pandava King Arjuna for making him agree for a war ... a war of Dharma, as the opponents are not willing to surrender the kingdom rightfully to Arjuna.

Lord Krishna himself emphasizing that whatever he is stating is nothing but the truth is itself indicative of the efficacy of his words. Lord Krishna knew that whatever be his statements they cannot be understood by a common man ... a person of very high mental caliber with a refined thinking process was required for this and because of this hurdle it became all the more necessary for Arjuna to understand whatever Lord Krishna has to say. The values imbibed in his statements even if disclosed to an ordinary mortal would not be understood by him similarly as anything spoken in a foreign language cannot be understood by people of other Country. Every Human Being has his limitations ... we are not supposed to question the limitations of a person. If it were within the control of an average person to change the value of his limitations everything in the society would change. All would not only become literate but we would enter a golden Era.

Lord Krishna wanted Arjuna to grasp the truth behind his statements ... he also emphasizes on the fact that such statements can only be made by Lord Krishna to those seekers of truth who mean benefit for the mankind ... those who believe in God and his system totally ... those who have surrendered their will to God. Those who seek nothing for themselves and their family ... those unfearing individuals who are willing to travel the extra mile which none has asked them to travel. Those who have abundance of Faith in God Almighty ... only such people can get the benefit of hearing the words of the absolute master. Here Lord Krishna emphasizes that nothing stated by him to Arjuna would cause any harm ... he need not fear anything or anybody. It is true that those who surrender themselves (their will) absolutely to God never have to fear anything in Life. What more can an aspiring Spiritual aspirant ask for!

The road to the abode of God is straight ... there is no cause for worry or fear. Lord Krishna knew that Arjuna alone was competent to travel this path ... he also knew what the outcome of his preachings to Arjuna would be ... yet, he had to take the longer route so that Arjuna does not face any difficulty in understanding the cosmic wisdom in totality. It was to have been a fight to the finish ... a war of Dharma fought between those siding with Dharma (your right to live truthfully) and Adharma (followers of Satan ... the God of darkness). To convince Arjuna for the war was the only aim of Lord Krishna in imparting the preachings of Bhagvad Gita.

All subtle truths require time to comprehend. Only if they were easy to understand ... the cosmic time span required by an atman the soul within for completing cosmic journey would not have been 96.4 Million years. Every soul has to pass through a total of 8.4 Million manifestations before the cycle of Birth and Death comes to an end. The cycle having been completed it is only but to attain Moksha Salvation. After attaining moksha every atman the soul within returns to its pristine cosmic glory ... the true nature of an Atman. Only after the present Cosmos collapses and another starts with a big bang shall the same Atman manifests a body to purify itself ... the same journey of 8.4 Million manifestations and a total Life cycle of 96.4 million earthly years.

Pace of development in the Spiritual field takes much longer than what would be required in the field of science. The path is totally unfamiliar and untrodden. Only when the Teachings are being imparted by no other than Lord Krishna himself ... does Arjuna find solace in the matter. And this fact is put to use by Lord Krishna by emphasizing upon him again and again to logically understand the chain of events, which has led to the collapse of Dharma in the present society. It was Dwaper Yuga (which had almost the same bearings as in a Kali Yuga) at the time Bhagvad Gita was preached to Arjuna and again the time has come for all of us to understand and grasp the inner meanings of Bhagvad Gita, which shall enable us to live a more lively and eventful Life.

In the domain of God there is no room for any show business. You never conduct any business with God. You do not go to the temple or the church to mark your presence in the books of God ... you need to revere God in your heart ... the very place which acts as a communication link between you and God ... your true self resides in your heart ... you are never away from it. Have unflinching Faith in God and his system ... you shall always come out unscathed in whatever adventure you dare to venture into.

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By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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