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Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII-9: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII-9
commentary and summary

According to Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 (Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII-9), every seeker of truth, a true aspirant of Spirituality is one who remembers God Almighty of the cosmos in its different forms. Here God Almighty, has been termed as omniscient ... the knower of all.

As stated in Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 what do we actually mean by being omniscient ... what is the real meaning behind knowing everything in the Cosmos. Knower of all can be one whose identity remains preserved since the beginning and until the end.

One who understands the structure of the cosmos at the beginning ... and also the shape of the cosmos at the time of pralaya (the time when the demolition of the cosmos starts) ... a time when the dissolution of cosmos starts can be none other than the creator himself. Anything happening between the two events also is absolutely clear to the knower of all.

The complete cycle from the birth of the cosmos until the end ... is as clear as the Life cycle of a Human Being. Every Human Being knows about what transpires since the birth until the end. Similarly, Brahman, the knower of all understands everything that transpires from the beginning to the end. And what after the end ... birth of a new cosmos!!

The cycle repeats itself ... we can safely identify the knower of all with having knowledge about the atman and the body manifested by it. How an atman the soul within manifests a body the first time and until the 8.4 Millionth manifestation ... all is a matter of speculation by Human Beings but for the knower of all ... all is like ABCD to him.

As stated in Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 the relationship between various Jiva ... theory of karma, practicing Dharma and ultimately the enfoldment of atman within into a realized soul is something which is not only known to the Almighty Creator but perhaps all is destined by him. The knower of all is primarily a Dhrishta ... one that does not indulge in Karma of any nature. This was how the system of God was meant to be.

God Almighty has also been termed as Anadi ... one whose identity is beyond time ... this signifies that the domain of God exists since Anadi Kaal ... that is the domain of God is not bound by the limitation of time ... it has no beginning nor an end ... it is without a beginning ... it exists even before the beginning of the cosmos ... there is no other parallel to draw.

And one which is beyond the limits of time cannot be bound ... it is free forever ... this way it becomes all powerful (omnipotent), the knower of all (omniscient) and being present everywhere ... is termed as omnipresent. The beginning of the cosmos and the various cycles cannot be defined ... being without a boundary and without a beginning ... the whole creation is termed as Maya ... all result of an illusion created by God Almighty.

As per Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 God Almighty has also been termed as the Governor of all ... all that is visible to the naked eye ... and also the invisible portion of the cosmos ... The dark matter known as ether ... the concept of black holes and what not! God Almighty has been termed as the Governor of all beings owing to its capability of conducting it affairs directly and indirectly. Indirectly by creating the World of Atmans and thereby controlling all Jivas existent on Mother Earth.

Every Jiva is controlled by the atman within ... no body has control over the physical self ... the moment the atman leaves the body ... the body dies its natural death. Nothing can revive it. No Human Being is capable of it ... capable of providing Life to the dead body!! This power does not exist even with the Creator himself ... all is the result of an organized system of Karma ... we reap what we sow ... nothing more or less! God Almighty controls all the Jivas through process of Karma ... every Human Being gets its dividend based on the performance ... no one can change the results ... no one can affect our destiny ... every Human Being has the power to mould his own destiny.

The control of destiny ... the most important question before every Human Being ... the control in the hands of a Human Being ... it does not seem so! Yet, it is an absolute truth, which cannot be denied by one ... one has to work for it ... and perform Karma in the way that we accomplish our goal in the shortest possible time. We need to earn Punya by performing Punya Karma ... can we hope to reach our goal by performing bad Karma.

It is only the Punya Karma that shall keep the reins of our destiny in our own hands. It is difficult to practice than said ... yet, not impossible! In the present Kali Yuga ... performing Punya Karma is a rare deed indeed. Day and night all are busy performing bad Karma in the eyes of God ... yet we hope to realize our goal of Life. How is that possible unless we practice Punya Karma all the time?

Punya Karma is not something which is to be practiced in the open ... one has to be absolutely pure in mind while dealing with others ... the golden rule principle advocated by Napoleon hill is required to be practiced every moment of our Life ... "do unto those what you desire them to do unto us" ... this in a nutshell is the golden rule principle which is very very difficult to be practiced in entirety ... the reason why we find very few people on Mother Earth who have taken control of their destiny and set an example for the society to follow.

In the physical realm of the World, it may sometimes appear that we are following the wrong path but inherently we may be correct and earn Punya Karma. As practiced and advocated by Lord Krishna "it is better to kill one ... for the welfare of the society then let one kill thousand others only because one is a King". Such a one never incurs the wrath of God ... why? Because, no sin has been committed.

The Governor of all beings in the Cosmos ... God Almighty ... For none can challenge his actions ... is the most powerful being of the cosmos. The reason why we pray to god when in difficulties! Every Human Being remembers God when in difficulty ... what of those who remember God in the time of peace.

Such people are the blessed ones ... they are not after the Punya but working for the welfare of others is in their nature. If every Human Being starts performing his Karma as per the desires of atman the soul within then we are all acting as per the dictates of God for every atman is but a minuscule portion of the super atman, the Parmatman ... God Almighty Creator.

In Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 God Almighty of the cosmos has also been addressed as one which cannot be seen either by our senses not even the mind. As we cannot see our atman the soul within ... to comprehend the absolute reality ... the Nirakaar form of God is beyond the capability ... even the logical reasoning by a Human Being.

None can achieve this except those who have realized God ... one who have gained enlightenment! Even the best of physicists have not been able to unearth the mystery of atman the soul within. Broadly speaking, an atom is considered as the basic building molecule of the cosmos and the size of atman the soul within cannot be measured or weighed even in terms of an atom.

The concept of an atman the soul within can only be visualized by highly realized Souls who have been able to comprehend the absolute truth about God Almighty the Cosmos. None other than the enlightened ones can realize this truth ever. And only by remaining in this minuscule form can God remain everywhere all over the Cosmos. There is no place in the Cosmos where God does not exist.

At the time of big bang all Atmans get scattered all over the Cosmos. And as and when they find conducive environment they manifest a body ... the way it has happened on Mother Earth. Till date there is no sign of any Life found by Human Beings anywhere else in the Cosmos other than Mother Earth. Yet! Different variety of Life forms exist in the Cosmos totally unknown and oblivious of our living here on Mother Earth. God meant it so!

The torch bearer of the whole mankind ... to whom we owe our total existence ... the cause of the total solar system and beyond ... the cause of different Atmans manifesting on Mother Earth ... who can it be other than the God himself. If there were no Atmans ... we all would not have been there ... nor would there had been any other form of Life on Mother Earth.

We are here because the Atmans found this planet Mother Earth conducive for germination. This is not a development of a day ... it has taken billions of years for that atmosphere around the Sun to cool down and a single planet, our beloved Mother Earth to become appropriate for them to manifest.

The total vegetation, the various forms of flora and fauna, the insect Life, various animals ... all are a creation of God Almighty. Every single Jiva supports the other ... God has made it so. None has been given the right to criticize one ... we all are supposed to live in an environment where coexistence is the mightiest principle of all.

Without which ... none can survive. We derive our bread-and-butter from Mother Earth and after an atman leaves the body ... the form decays back and assimilates with Mother Earth. Everything belongs to him ... we are but puppets in the hands of God Almighty. Yet, he does not interfere in our work ... rather, we have been given the liberty to decide our own destiny by carrying out the Karma conducive to our achieving the desired goal of Life. Difficult, but not impossible to achieve!

As per Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 the system created by God has been built in a fashion that every Human Being is but a trustee of God. We need to take care of all the things bestowed on us by the Almighty God. J. R. D. Tata, the mighty pioneer of the Tata industry was a living example of a perfect trustee ... in his Lifetime he did not even create a home for his own self. He used to say, " When everything belongs to God ... what use is making a house of our own.

He used to live in one of the apartments crafted out in his seven star Hotel Taj Palace situated in Bombay near Gateway of India. He was a trustee par excellence ... he spent and lived his Life like a maharaja yet nothing ever belonged to him. He never let any attachment or moha bog him down the path of Life. His steel like determination kept him going. He never had to look back in Life. He had the Grace of God more than he ever asked for! As per the system of God, every Human Being is supposed to live Life like J. R. D. Tata ... difficult to live, yet not impossible!

The form of God has also been described as one above any element of doubt! In the domain of God ... everything is free and without any binding. No worries ... no stress ... no tensions ... and even no further manifestations, the freed Atmans have nowhere else to go. Every atman after a cosmic journey of 8.4 Million manifestations has to return back to its original abode ... the house of God Almighty.

Now, we can describe (rather try to describe) the Definition God Almighty ... the sum and substance of God is the collective power of all purified Atmans existing in the cosmos is what we know as God. This can only happen after the occurrence of pralaya or at the time of big bang. Not possible to comprehend with our senses and the mind, yet this mighty power rules the total Cosmos in its entirety.

In Bhagvad Gita shloka VIII.9 the power of God Almighty has been compared to that of the Sun ... always shining bright ... providing the requisite energy to every living form in the solar system ... never shunning its duties ... whatever may be the circumstances or the happenings in the Cosmos.

As Human Beings we normally tend to behave differently in different circumstances, yet ... the Sun is always shining in its glory. Without Sun ... all would become dead on Mother Earth within a span of 10 days. Our existence is dependent upon the Sun whereas the existence of Sun is not dependent upon us. In the domain of Atmans, every body is dependent upon an atman for it to manifest ... yet every atman can continue living without a body.

The Sun always has something to give ... it never asks for anything in return. Similarly, our atman always prompts us whenever we tend to go on the wrong path. The small inner voice ... when heard and followed to its logical conclusion paves way for a happier Life.

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By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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