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Bhagvad Gita shloka IX-3
commentary and summary

Bhagvad Gita shloka IX/3: Bhagvad Gita chapter IX shloka 3 primarily deals with Lord Krishna emphasizing upon Arjuna the merits of knowing Bhagvad Gita. Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as one who has burnt out all his Karma and has purified himself fit to learn the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita.

Lord Krishna emphasizes upon the fact that the knower of Bhagvad Gita has to pass through various phases of deep and intense Meditation before attaining the stage of Self Realization ... become God Realized! One needs to practically burn himself in the pyre of almost unattainable spiritual practices ... prayers so intense that to physically bear the heat sometimes becomes intolerable. Prayers so intense in nature that they can literally take the Life out of you... scorch you beyond recognition.

Arjuna had gone through all these spiritual practices and had come out totally unscorched. In fact he had become a suitable candidate in the eyes of Lord Krishna ... the one and only one who could be imparted the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita safely. If you want to propel the engine of your spiritual life full steam ahead ... would you leave the water boiling at 99 degrees centigrade, knowing well that unless the water is heated above hundred degrees centigrade ...steam would not be generated and unless the steam is generated with full pressure, all your efforts would go in vain.

One needs to become absolutely pure by burning out his Karma in totality. Only then can we hope the engine of our spiritual life to come on track and make a run in absolute terms. Absolute purity in thoughts words and deeds is an absolute must before any Human Being can consider himself suitable for obtaining the cosmic wisdom of Bhagvad Gita. Even 99 percent purity and one percent impurity will not help. If you really need to learn the cosmic wisdom of Bhagvad Gita ... it is better you put all your eggs in one basket and concentrate on the goal of your Life. You shall always be a winner come whatever may.

While proceeding on the path of Bhagvad Gita there is so much to be learnt in Life that even if we do not want to realize God in this Life ... we can always look forward to getting various pieces of Worldly advise that we can just not do without. Any goal set by us in this materialistic World cannot only be achieved but we can do it gracefully without disturbing the harmony of the surrounding system. To achieve success in real terms is the mantra of the day. To practice the golden rule principle as advocated by Napoleon Hill in his various books on self-improvement can be best achieved by trying to learn what Bhagvad Gita has in store for us.

The example of Osho (Acharya Rajneesh) will make things absolutely clear. Acharya Rajneesh at the end part of his Spiritual career wavered only once and made a wrong decision. He was almost at the receiving end ... he would have realized God had he not faltered in his end decisions. He committed gravest of the mistakes ... he mixed sex with Spirituality.

He underestimated the value of practicing celibacy ... he rather administered the doctrine of free sex which is not only a taboo in the Spiritual World but rather retards our Spiritual achievements. Unless we practice absolute celibacy ... we cannot awaken the dormant power of Kundalini ... the cosmic energy (Shakti) without which no Spiritual aspirant can ever achieve God Realization. Without Kundalini having awakened ... all practice and preaching becomes worthless.

We always need to practice what we preach. Similarly, sage Vishwamitra fell from grace at the sight of an extremely beautiful girl-taking bath in totally sensuous surroundings. He could not keep his celibacy on hold for long and had to undergo all the intense spiritual practices all over again to attain the same status. There are no shortcuts in Spirituality for you to make up for the lost time. He always envied sage Vashisht yet could not attain his level. His only fault ... he could not control his wanton desires at the peak of his Spiritual career.

Lord Krishna in this verse 9.3 emphasizes upon the fact that knower of Bhagvad Gita becomes the knower of identity of God Almighty ... put alternatively if one needs to know the identity of God ... knowing Bhagvad Gita is not only a must but the only path to attain him. Bhagvad Gita is nothing but the Essence of all sacred Scriptures combined.

Similarly as the knower of Sun loses interest in candlelight ... knower of Bhagvad Gita becomes the knower of all that is to be known in whole Cosmos. There is nothing beyond Bhagvad Gita that is unknown and knowable. The knower of Bhagvad Gita reaches the source ... from where emanates the complete Cosmic wisdom. All Religions and spiritual practices culminate in Bhagvad Gita.

Knower of Bhagvad Gita becomes Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent ... not in physical terms but having realized God one rises above the status of a manifest Human Being and becomes a man God. Our atman the soul within having gained its pristine beauty ... the cycle of Life-and-death ceases forever. Life becomes ever blissful until one leaves the body. Every God realized soul becomes omnipotent owing to the various Spiritual powers that come unto you as you proceed on the path of spirituality and knowing Bhagvad Gita.

You become Omniscient because you learn the truth behind the cosmic system ... all and everything contained in the Cosmos becomes absolutely clear to you. Having become knower of all ... you only want to impart the knowledge thus gained before wanting to go back to the abode of God ... Baikunth. You become omnipresent because your Karma having dissolved completely ... your atman the soul within regains its lost glory and comes back to its original pristine state. As atman the soul within is nothing but a powerful source of cosmic energy it can travel within the Cosmos at infinite speeds. For an atman the soul within the complete Cosmos is its home.

There are many who want to gain Immortality in the present life yet, they do not seem to practice and follow the dictates of Bhagvad Gita ... if you really want to become immortal in the present life you have to follow the path taken by Arjuna. In his times, Arjuna was the only person who was fit enough to grasp the inner meaning of Bhagvad Gita ... Lord Krishna imparted the Teachings of Bhagvad Gita only to Arjuna as for others the doctrine may have sounded good but it would have merely passed over their ears. What use going to the temple or the church every day unless you can follow the dictates of Bhagvad Gita or the Bible.

Lord Krishna repeatedly emphasizes again on the fact that those who do not believe in God and his existence ... those who do not have full Faith in existence of god Almighty ... such people can never know the absolute truth! To realize God in the present life we need to have absolute Faith in the system of God ... only then can we will absolve ourselves of all the sins and having purified ourselves completely can we become immortal.

The fact that the journey of atman the soul within on Mother Earth is merely a passing phase in the Cosmic Lifecycle and if we truly desire to complete the Cosmic journey ... we need to learn what is contained in Bhagvad Gita. The cycle of Birth and Death ceases for one who has realized God. For others ... Life goes on as usual ... we keep on manifesting one Life after another on Mother Earth until the end.

Unless and until we burn out our complete Karma we cannot escape from the clutches of Lifecycle of Birth and Death. Only after the complete dross is removed ... can atman the soul within regain its pristine beauty ... our truthful and original form.

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