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Bhagvad Gita shloka IX-1
commentary and summary

Bhagvad Gita shloka IX/1: Bhagvad Gita chapter IX shloka 1 primarily deals with Krishna imparting to Arjuna the importance of the sacred wisdom which is not within the reach of a normal Human Being as one is not able to comprehend the same. And why most people are unable to comprehend the deeper meaning is illustrated in this fact ... Similarly as no two students get the same marks in an examination in spite of having studied in the same class, the teacher being the same, same knowledge was imparted to both of them yet, both students obtained different marks.

Even if the teacher desires the whole class coming first the same never happens ... it is not the teaching prowess of the teacher which comes into play but the willingness on the part of the student ... the inherent capability of a student which gets him the desired numbers.

Does it mean one who gets lower marks pity himself? It is all within the game ... the total Cosmic journey of 8.4 Million manifestations is required to be completed in a maximum of 96.4 million earthly years ... where is the cause for hurry! It is only one in a billion who wants the journey expedited ... only such people fall in the category of Arjuna and Swami Vivekananda.

Before the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita can be imparted to one ... the cosmic system of God ensures that the candidate is suitable and receptive to comprehend the inner meaning of the most complex sacred scripture ever written. Lord Krishna before imparting this wisdom to Arjuna ensures that he has burnt his Karma totally and become pure similarly as we separate out the metal from the ore.

The dross having removed completely one elevates himself mentally to a level so that the frequency of both matches ... now Arjuna can understand and assimilate the absolute truth imparted by Lord Krishna.

Apart from burning out the Karma one must also absolve himself of impure thoughts forever. As long as we continue invoking impure thoughts we can never raise ourselves to the matching frequency on which operated Lord Krishna. Purity of thoughts is an absolute necessity ... one cannot do away with it.

Purity of thoughts always and ever round-the-clock every moment of Life is a must. Only one who dwells in absolute purity of thought and has burnt his Karma totally is a fit candidate to receive what Lord Krishna has to give. There is no other shortcut to obtain the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita.

Every Human Being is always a student of the cosmic system. The evolution process makes it so. We always tend to keep on learning irrespective of the age, cast or the system. In the domain of God all are equal ... everyone has equal rights in respect of Spiritual wisdom. Age is not of concern in the Spiritual hierarchy.

One be 90 years of age yet unable to grasp the inner meanings of the sacred texts. In contrast, one younger by many years may grasp the inner meanings more easily. Whoever wants to proceed on the Spiritual journey at any given moment of his Life can do so freely.

The prime and sublime knowledge contained in the various sacred Scriptures of the World is not meant for the ordinary. It can be confusing ... imagine, if there were 50 Siddhartha Gautamas at a particular moment of time ... how would the mass in general come to know who was the more intelligent and whom to consult in times of need. It has always been so and is a proven fact that at a given point of time no more than two persons have been able to understand the cosmic wisdom world-wide.

Mahavira and Gautama Buddha were contemporaries. Similar was the case with Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Maharshi. To understand the Cosmic wisdom one man-made God is sufficient for the Humanity at a given point of time.

The cosmic wisdom can also be misused. When we reach the higher realms of Spirituality we tend to gain some cosmic powers that are meant to be used for the benefit of the masses. It is even prohibited to use them for the use of the self.

Sometimes, intoxicated by the mighty powers there are instances in history when achievers of these powers tried to misuse them resulting in the powers being withdrawn from them forever. Falling from grace is something, which no Spiritual aspirant looks forward to.

Bhagvad Gita prohibits imparting the Spiritual Knowledge to those not in need nay not worthy of the cause. For this reason in the earlier days, when Guru shisya parampara (practice) was in vogue ... the admission of the student was totally dependent upon guru (spiritual teacher) accepting the shisya (student) based on merits.

Once rejected there was no other way for admission to the Gurukul (Spiritual university). The Gurus kept a special watch that no untoward incident occurred in the Spiritual hierarchy lest they believed Gods would get annoyed with them.

To comprehend the inner truths is easy even for the common man ... cosmic wisdom in textual form is available pretty cheap ... the purpose being that it should be available to the common man in a price one can afford.

Even today Bhagvad Gita in Commentary form (the complete Commentary) is available for a mere twenty cents yet you may find not more than one or two persons world-wide who truly comprehend the meaning of Bhagvad Gita ... the prime reason why Lord Krishna is willing to impart the ultimate cosmic truth to Arjuna and only Arjuna ... knowing well that there is no other person other than Arjuna who can understand and assimilate this cosmic truth.

After Lord Krishna has considered Arjuna to be a fit candidate for imparting the cosmic wisdom of Bhagvad Gita ... he emphasizes upon the merits of knowing the deeper wisdom of Bhagvad Gita. Lord Krishna emphasizes upon the fact that the knower of Bhagvad Gita is liberated forever and always from the cycle of birth and death. One attains Salvation (moksha). The Essence within every Human Being ... our soul the atman within is not further required to manifest another Life. What a noble achievement it is ... freeing our true self forever!

Every soul the atman within manifests a body again and again until it attains absolute purity ... Similarly as we separate the metal from its ore. The end result ... the climax is defined by Lord Krishna in absolute terms. As per Lord Krishna only those wanting liberation forever from the cycle of Life and Death need to assimilate the total Teachings Bhagvad Gita can give to us. This confirms that not all people may want to proceed on the path of learning Bhagvad Gita yet, it has always been stressed that Bhagvad Gita is not a purely Spiritual document alone but it also helps one in the physical manifested Life as no other document can.

If one needs to become the master of his own calling then apart from the books of Napoleon Hill one can always look forward to Bhagvad Gita and find solutions to his problems. Bhagvad Gita makes the journey of Life easier to live all the while wanting to help the community achieve the same. In the present materialistic trend of today people prefer to work only for their own benefit... here Bhagvad Gita comes into play and helps one care for the community and mankind... something which every multinational organization looks forward to.

Lord Krishna also emphasizes that our earthly abode is an ephemeral phase of Life which one needs to pass through in cosmic journey of Life. A mere Life span of 70~80 years does not carry much meaning when compared to the total Cosmic span of 96.4 million earthly years. Lord Krishna has thus expressed the present journey of Life, as being full of pains and sorrows and one should always try to complete this cosmic journey of Life at the earliest.

Unless we try to assimilate what Bhagvad Gita has to teach us ... we shall continue to manifest this sorrowful Life again and again. Spiritual masters wanting liberation cannot be wrong ... there must be some Essence in their sayings. After all one is not always happy ... even the richest sometimes have to swallow the bitter pill of Life, as circumstances sometimes do not remain in our control. Why not attempt completing the journey of Life at the earliest and try to follow the same path the Spiritual Masters have followed from Times Immemorial.

What use thy Ego, which submerges you in the ocean of deprivation, a journey of no return. Dominated by the I of God, absorbed in your duty towards God all the time, Life is at its best when lived in perfect equipoise.

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