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Aham - concept meaning of ego in hinduism explained

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Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

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Aham Ego Ahamkara ahamkar

Aham: is the root cause of this Ephemeral World! No Ego ... One would Emancipate and gain Self Realization, free from the bondage of Life and Death forever.

One does Karma ... An inherent force drives one to action! You desire results. What if you were told fruits are not for you to reap! Going on performing your Karma never ever thinking of the results ... How odd it seems! Dissolve your Ego, the basic lesson of Gita the Song Supreme ... Words of wisdom conveyed through Lord Krishna to Humanity about 3500 years ago.

Keep doing your Karma at its best, no harm shall be fall you. You may not desire God-Realization but the Cosmic Teachings holds true for one and all even today, irrespective of your Religion, caste, creed, your Country or your place of living.

Aham (Ego) within youngsters provokes them to be disobedient. Happily married lives get shattered by the clash of Ego of the so-called grown-ups.

All wars have been the result of ego dominating the minds of the Kings, Presidents and the prime minister's of various countries, who failed to come to an agreement on the table front ... Knowing fully well that with every fight follows a devastating trail of destruction!

Not worrying of the hardships to the public the burden of war is often thrust upon those who have elected the so-called administrators of the Country.

Many wars in the past have been stopped in the nick of time by mediators who were no less than Saints, people having straight and seasoned thinking and wishing welfare of one and all.

What use thy Ego, which submerges you in the ocean of deprivation, a journey of no return. Dominated by the I of God, absorbed in your duty towards God all the time, Life is at its best when lived in perfect equipoise.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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