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Acharya | Agni | Atman | Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
Definition Glossary of Words Hinduism Spirituality: Inner meanings... You can refer again and again!

Acharya - guru Spiritual teacher - disseminator of absolute knowledge

Adhyatma - meaning of Adhyatma - study of our atman the soul within

Advaita Vedanta

Anadi Kaal - beginning less state of time - the state of timelessness

Agni - importance of agni - god of Fire in Hinduism - agni Yoga

Aham - concept meaning of ego in hinduism explained

Antaratma - study of our inner self - our soul the atman within

Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

Bhagavan Kalki

Bhagvad Gita - Essence of Bhagavad Gita explained in simpler terms

Big Bang Theory

Brahman - defining brahman god creator of the cosmos karta parmatman

Define Atman

Dharma Definition


Hinduism - Bhagavad Gita - Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism Atman

Hinduism Beliefs - hinduism basics - beliefs of hinduism

Jnana Yoga - defining jnana Yoga Hinduism - foremost path of spirituality

Kali Yuga

Karma - meaning Definition Karma - its relation to physical work

Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (M ~ Z)

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Glossary of words Hinduism Spirituality Inner meanings explained acharya agni atman

  • Acharya (spiritual teacher)
  • Adhyatma (Study of Atman, the Inner Self)
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Aham (Ego)
  • Anadi Kaal (A State of Timelessness)
  • Antaratma (Inner Self)
  • Aparigriha (Non Covetousness of the wife of another)
  • Atman (Soul)
  • Atmanubhooti (Experience by the Self)

  • Acharya (spiritual teacher)

    Is one who imparts Spiritual Knowledge to those who can assimilate the Teachings of the realized Souls ... in a language they can understand.

    Since Times Immemorial we have come across Human Gods as powerful as Lord Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. Bhagavad Gita ... the Song Celestial, the Essence of total Cosmic knowledge contained in the Brahmaand Cosmos and discoursed to Arjuna during the famous battle of Mahabharata about 3500 years ago is available for as low as Rupees two and half (about 7 US cents). But ... are there any takers!

    A book available to the poorest of the poor, yet not understood by most! Only in centuries are we blessed by god realized Atmans Souls such as Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Maharshi. The Teachings of Bhagavad Gita were crystal clear to them. These Arihantas (god realized Souls) had a following of Acharyas who only partly understood the Essence of Bhagavad Gita. These Acharyas were effectively able to impart the Cosmic knowledge gained from Self Realized Souls to the common masses. Acharya thus forms an important link between the Spiritual Master and the masses in general.

    Adhyatma (Study of Atman, the Inner Self)

    Study of atman the soul within constitutes the most basic and fundamental study of what constitutes the real self of every Human Being and Jiva. Study of the Self involves a thorough study of the various sacred Scriptures of all Religions existing in the World. That would constitute to be a really voluminous task. To cut short, if one studies a single document existing hinduism, the most sacred "Bhagavad Gita" ... nothing else is left to study. Bhagavad Gita ... the source of all knowledge Spiritual is a dictate by Lord Krishna himself to the Pandava King Arjuna.

    Arjuna apprehending massacre of thousands of innocent warriors (in a most ravaging war fought for a worthy cause) was unwilling to fight the enemy which consisted of his known and close relatives and friends. His most Reverend and only guru Dronacharya and grandfather Bhishma pitamah along with many other known faces were in the enemy team. He did not want to betray the trust of his beloved elder and teacher. What was the solution?

    Lord Krishna, an apostle of all that is Spiritual knew the Cosmic truth ... what had been sown by the mankind had to be reaped by them alone. The mass Karma committed by all individuals collectively had brought things to a stage when there was no other alternative but for Pandava Kings to indulge themselves for their most justified rights with their cousin Brothers, the Kaurava Kings in a most gruesome yet a Dharmic war fought in the last 3500 years.

    Law of Dharma always prevails in the end. None can escape its clutches. None in the hierarchy can claim to be free from the hold of Karma. It is inevitable for a body to perform as per the dictates of atman the soul within. Every atman the soul within has to pass through 8.4 Million manifestations before it is set free from the cycle of births and death (depth of the body it manifests). It is often the case that the body prompted by I of the ego is at variance with the dictate of atman the soul within. This causes disharmony between the various attributes of the total personality, the causer of all diseases, stresses and tensions in all beings.

    To follow the natural laws of the Cosmic order ... is but for an intelligent being to remain in total harmony with his internal self. Such Human Beings are rare indeed for they become those mile stones and pillars of the society whom we know as Einstein, Edison, Newton, Madame Curie, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Ford, Jamshedji Tata and many more in the same order.

    You maintain mental harmony ... you become a King. You lose it ... you were reduced to a pauper. Anger ... and you are doomed. All mental faculties make way for anger. You will never achieve anything worthwhile getting angry. Lose the anger within you ... however logical or legitimate the cause may be or seems to you. You shall be a King, my son. For, in the seeds of Forgiveness breed the mental attitude which makes you what you want to become, not what you were destined to become!!

    Study Bhagavad Gita! Search for the company of realized Souls. You shall gain wisdom for which your Atman within craves day and night. Permanently placed in harmony with your inner self ... a feeling of tranquility and godliness takes you over.

    Agni (Fire)

    Plays the utmost role in the evolutionary process. When you physically burn an object you externally reduce it to ashes. What of agni Fire burning inside!

    The Agni in the stomach helps you dissolve all types of food you partake from solids to liquids. The Agni in your head burns out all discarded thoughts and brings purity in your thinking alleviating you to higher planes of Spiritual consciousness. Penance’s, the inner strength of all Spiritualists is but supported by Agni.

    A Yogi ... How is he different from an ordinary Human Being? Atoning for his sins by burning out the dross within his mental process, a relief which cannot be provided by the external Fire! It is only by asking for Forgiveness from God that our pains are reduced emerging out purer in the end.

    What is Mother Earth! A huge cauldron with Fire burning inside it still. What of the Sun, the source of all energy on Mother Earth. Can Humanity survive even for a day in absence of the ever blissful rays from the Sun. Sun is itself a Ball of Fire with temperatures exceeding ten Million centigrade at the core.

    Agni has been referred to as Agni Devta (Fire God) in Hinduism. The ancients knew the importance of Fire for "Darkness instills fear, Agni confidence". One must always and ever pay Obeisance to Agni God with whose grace Humanity in alive today.

    Aham (Ego)

    Is the root cause of this Ephemeral World! No Ego ... One would Emancipate and gain Self Realization, free from the bondage of Life and Death forever.

    One does Karma ... An inherent force drives one to action! You desire results. What if you were told fruits are not for you to reap! Going on performing your Karma never ever thinking of the results ... How odd it seems! Dissolve your Ego, the basic lesson of Gita the Song Supreme ... Words of wisdom conveyed through Lord Krishna to Humanity about 3500 years ago. Keep doing your Karma at its best, no harm shall be fall you. You may not desire God-Realization but the Cosmic Teachings holds true for one and all even today, irrespective of your Religion, caste, creed, your Country or your place of living.

    Aham (Ego) within youngsters provokes them to be disobedient. Happily married lives get shattered by the clash of Ego of the so-called grown-ups.

    All wars have been the result of ego dominating the minds of the Kings, Presidents and the prime minister's of various countries, who failed to come to an agreement on the table front ... Knowing fully well that with every fight follows a devastating trail of destruction! Not worrying of the hardships to the public the burden of war is often thrust upon those who have elected the so-called administrators of the Country.

    Many wars in the past have been stopped in the nick of time by mediators who were no less than Saints, people having straight and seasoned thinking and wishing welfare of one and all.

    What use thy Ego, which submerges you in the ocean of deprivation, a journey of no return. Dominated by the I of God, absorbed in your duty towards God all the time, Life is at its best when lived in perfect equipoise.

    Anadi Kaal (A State of Timelessness)

    Is a term coined in Hindu mythology for a period even before the beginning of cosmos! It is stated in Hindu Scriptures that the Evolution of cosmos had no beginning. Sooner the collapse of the cosmos takes place, Big Bang occurs giving birth to a new cosmos. This perpetual motion of collapse and restart is controlled by God the Creator. Why question him?

    One broods, everything ought to have a beginning. All cosmic principles are applicable to one and all and in different circumstances. How can then it be that, the main cosmic principle of beginning be without an answer? Yes ... cosmos has no beginning for it is also stated in Hindu sacred Scriptures that the whole Cosmos is but an illusion ... a mere thought of God the Creator. All that exists physical is physical and has a concrete shape only when viewed from senses point of view.

    Break everything into atoms ... The basic building block of the cosmos ... One sees nothing but a gaseous formation all around, everywhere penetrating into the deepest corners of the cosmos. This phenomenon proves that to question the very existence i.e. the beginning of the cosmos is not the onus of a Human Being. One ought to be involved in activities most suitable for him. Earning the Grace of God is the biggest asset one can ever create for Self.

    Antaratma (Inner Self)

    What is the difference between the physical self and the inner self (Antaratma), the domain of atman the soul within?

    Physical self is the bodily form taken by an atman the soul within whereas Antaratma (the inner self) is the Cosmic truth and non-perishable. The inner self is on its Cosmic journey until full purification of the inner self occurs. Antaratma is a creation of God the Creator whereas the physical self is a short-lived ephemeral phase. Antaratma (the Cosmic self) has to pass through numerous Life spans for it cannot purify on its own but needs a body for purification.

    The physical self lives and survives on the ego of a being and this dominating force either takes a Human Being to dazzling heights as in the case of Bill Gates ... if left unchecked, can cause one to become a dictator ... a nuisance on Mother Earth. An ego less person can either be a saint or a dumb head. It is the ego which makes one creative ... gives a boost to the being to soar higher and higher in Life.

    Aparigriha (Non Covetousness of the wife of another)

    Every male born in the society has been given a right to choose but one female and that too depends upon the fruits of Karma performed by you. You get to marry the daughter of a King or a laborer is solely dependent on your resultant Karma. Why covet the wife of another. You may be well off than your neighbor, does not mean you may cast your eyes on the wife of another ... lure her by riches her spouse can neither afford nor offer.

    In present times of prevalent greed it is but possible to maintain relationship with many but to what avail! Few minutes or hours of pleasure and a suffering for whole Life. (You may not be wanting but your promiscuous behavior would lead to your acquiring AIDS)

    Why be promiscuous when real pleasure can only be derived in being monogamous. Jesus Christ preached "love thy neighbor". Did he mean practicing the physical side of it ... we do not seem to follow the Teachings of even those we revere and respect to the extreme. The Teachings are always to be understood in its underlying meaning ... the inner Cosmic truth.

    Atman (Soul)

    Glory be to every individual living being who is here on Mother Earth as a manifested being owing to the atman the soul within it. No soul ... No Life!

    Atman soul is the Essence of all living beings including insects, plants, trees and animals. All keep on evolving into higher species owing to the inherent evolutionary process existing within every being.

    Atman, on its first leg of Cosmic journey starting from the abode of God manifests initially as a single cell formation ... Amoebae! After passing through various stages of evolution as a two cell, then multi-cell formation, it goes through the stage of plant Life to eventually develop into an animal being. This animal with an increasing tendency of usable thought power evolves into an Ape, ultimately reaching the pinnacle of its evolutionary powers ... Becomes a Human Being (the highest stage of manifestation)!!

    The evolutionary journey completed ... This Human Being has the power within to attain Salvation ... before merging into the supreme!

    Every atman soul has a typical property that it can not cleanse itself ... Same as the metal within the ore can not purify itself. It has to go through the entire process of purification before the extracted pure metal can be merged with the greater mass ... the Supreme Being!

    Is Atma different from Parmatman (the Creator of the cosmos) ... Yes hundred percent, but it has the same nature and properties! River Ganges merges with the sea at Bay of Bengal. It becomes one with the mighty Ocean ... Can we say it can now be named as Bay of Bengal!! Every atman soul after Liberation from the cycle of Birth and Death becomes one with the God... Similar as a grain of wheat when merged with the larger whole, a full mound of wheat ... becomes one with it, not it. Can we say a grain of wheat has same properties as the mound. Yes, with hundred percent certainty!!!

    To purify itself, every atman soul on its Cosmic journey needs a Mother planet (a Life supporting planet) to cleanse itself of its surrounding impurities.


    Atmanubhooti (Experience by the Self)

    Is that stage in the Life of the Yogi when all is over with him. Having come face-to-face with God, one is in such a stage of Ecstasy that all World appears dwarfed to him. One does not desire anything further. He sees and believes in God all the time. No more shaking of Faith. The feeling has now become permanent. You are one with God the Creator.

    By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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