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Yog: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
Definition Glossary of Words Hinduism Spirituality: Inner meanings... You can refer again and again!

Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (A ~ L)

Maya - concept of maya (illusion) as advocated by adi shankaracharya

Meditation - meaning and practicing Meditation Yoga in hinduism

Moksha - what does Moksha Salvation stands for in hinduism

Mrityu - concept of death rebirth reincarnation beginning of new Life

Mukti Liberation

Nirvikalpa Samadhi - reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi - how?

Prarabdha Karma

Punarjanma - concept of rebirth - relationship between body and soul


Sanatana Purusha - beginning less existence of almighty creator god

Self Realization

Shavasana - yogic posture of shavasana in Meditation - the death pose

Shiva Lingam

Shraddha - absolute Faith in God - necessity on the path of spirituality

Shruti - meaning of shruti in hinduism - mode of cosmic communication

Siddhi - meaning of siddhi - how can we acquire a siddhi as in Spirituality


Svadhyaya - study of the inner self practised in isolation - mauna stage

Tapasvi - who is a tapasvi - meaning of tapas - practicing austerities

Tej - role ambrosia tejas plays in the field of Spirituality - what this tej

Upanishads - treatises commentaries by Sages of different era

Vaasna - truth behind sensuous feelings inherent in every being - kama

Vedanta - end of vedas vedanta signifies importance of Bhagavad Gita

Vedas - words of god veda not composed by Humans dictated by god

Yoga - meaning Meditation in hinduism Yoga entails deeper meaning

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Glossary of words Hinduism Spirituality Inner meanings explained (Y)

  • Yog (the Spiritual path)

  • Yog (The Spiritual path)

    Yoga is the means of establishing a link between an atman soul with Brahman (the Creator). In Hindu Scriptures Yog means trying to establish a synthesis between two things. human beings who proceed on the Spiritual path find Yog as the only path towards Realization. Meditation is only a part of yog. Yog involves full cleansing of the body so that Atman can be liberated from the body for ever.

    To extract minute quantities of Gold from the ore, a very lengthy and tedious process has to be adopted. There is no shortcut available to God!

    All aspirants, Sadhus and Yogis walk the same path. Proceed via any Religion ... Goal is the same! Yog is burning out your balance Karma by prayers etc. ... Liberating Atman from the clutches of Maya (Ignorance) ... Head straight to Salvation!!

    The foremost requirement of yog is full belief in existence of god. Theists, the Luckier ones blessed by God! Born a human being ... Yet an atheist!! Even the door of access to God is denied to them ... How unlucky!! In their physical manifest forms, they forget ... There are much higher powers above them ... the Sole supreme being, the Brahman (the Omnipotent Creator) having absolute control over every act!!

    Yogic exercises ... A part of Yog, keeps the aspirant physically fit and prepare the body for realizing those higher powers (a weak body may not be able to sustain the tremendous Spiritual pressure exerted on a Human Being).

    By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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