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Vidya: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
Definition Glossary of Words Hinduism Spirituality: Inner meanings... You can refer again and again!

Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (A ~ L)

Meditation - meaning and practicing Meditation Yoga in hinduism

Moksha - what does Moksha Salvation stands for in hinduism

Mukti Liberation

Nirvikalpa Samadhi - reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi - how?

Parmanand - stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi - experiencing bliss ananda

Prarabdha Karma

Pundit - Definition pundit (priest) as in hinduism - functions of a pandit


Samvad - power of dialogues in Spirituality reaching a logical conclusion

Sanatana Purusha - beginning less existence of almighty creator god

Self Realization

Shavasana - yogic posture of shavasana in Meditation - the death pose

Shiva Lingam

Shruti - meaning of shruti in hinduism - mode of cosmic communication

Siddhi - meaning of siddhi - how can we acquire a siddhi as in Spirituality


Svadhyaya - study of the inner self practised in isolation - mauna stage

Tapasvi - who is a tapasvi - meaning of tapas - practicing austerities

Tej - role ambrosia tejas plays in the field of Spirituality - what this tej

Upanishads - treatises commentaries by Sages of different era

Vedanta - end of vedas vedanta signifies importance of Bhagavad Gita

Vedas - words of god veda not composed by Humans dictated by god

Vidya - book knowledge vidya is superficial - relationship with jnana

Yoga - meaning Meditation in hinduism Yoga entails deeper meaning

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Vidya bookish knowledge

Knowledge: Vidya: knowledge of the Divine ... the song Eternal. You feel mesmerized on the path towards God! You want to drink the nectar of Knowledge ... To give you an impetus ... To have a glimpse of the Lord!! What can be more blissful than meeting the Creator eye to eye ... The Omnipotent one who created the whole Cosmos. And you ... One amongst the many species on Mother Earth!

Para Vidya ... The Eternal Knowledge is totally different from the knowledge gained in the present materialistic World through usage of Science and senses provided by God. Senses help us to proceed on our Earthly journey but do not lend support to the basics of Life ... the Knowledge of Brahman, the Omnipotent Creator! Spiritual Knowledge can only be gained by those blessed few who want to unearth the secrets of God.

Both the paths are totally distinct. One can if he so desires, continue living in this World and gain Knowledge of the other World but, he may face a dilemma ... A crucial one indeed!

Shall he loose all that he has gained in this Life? of what use is such Spiritual Knowledge if efforts of yester years go waste ... Merely to know god! One must never forget ... Every breath is a gift of God. All we possess is his ... In our possession for the time being!!

What when we leave this body! We only have to act in trust ... Become a trustee par excellence ... Then only can we comply with his bidding!! We never owned anything ... Why fret and fume for the sake of a body which shall be left behind ... When comes the time to leave!!!

Whatever Knowledge we gain of the Lord is not Life merely wasted ... It is a step ahead in our Cosmic journey (comprising of 8.4 Million lives maximum) before the atman soul Emancipates and is free from the cycle of birth and death forever.

Who shall not strive for such a pious end! A fitting finale for a journey started as an Amoebae and culminating in our taking Salvation ... Back to the abode of God the Creator ... To be one with him!!

Cosmic Knowledge, Metaphysical Doctrines, all Sacred literature of all Creeds and Religions available in the World are ... Different paths towards imparting Knowledge of the supreme Lord of the cosmos.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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