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Vachan | Promise: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Vachan Promise

Vachan: is an Indian tradition. Predominantly when in older times Kings and queens used to give Vachans (solemn promises) in lieu of some special and extraordinary services rendered to them by their subjects, they could be encashed by the receiver at the time of his need. These promises were most of the time fulfilled but at times were a cause of serious embarrassment to the giver.

Times change fast and the circumstances under which the promises were made also modified. But, a promise is a promise. It had to be fulfilled under all circumstances as the the giver feared a backlash from the public.

In Treta Yuga, Rama the rightful owner to the throne of Ayodhaya was banished to the forests by the king Dashratha to fulfill his Vachan given to the queen Keikayi. She wanted the throne for her son Bharat who was also the cousin brother of Rama. Bharat, a great devotee of Rama had but to rule the kingdom against his own wishes.

That was in Treta Yuga! What of now in this Kali Yuga, when promises are made to be broken! In a Satyuga, a person of high eminence preferred death rather than break a promise. Word of mouth was considered solemn, something vetted by God. Even the common folk treated one another with trust.

In the present days, people in the west still place a lot of trust in one another. Word-of-mouth and promises are made to be kept. Ties are broken with mutual consent, no hard feelings on either side.

What happens when you do not keep your promise ... The guilt inherent in you is carried forward onto your next Life through the atman soul. Why burden your future with the deeds of this Life. You carry either Punya or Papa onto next Life. You on the path towards God Realization, why not absolve yourself of all sins.

Never make a promise which you cannot fulfill. If made never go back on a promise! Live not for this Life alone. God awaits you in his kingdom.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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