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Nimitta: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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predestined course of life

Nimitta: the physical after effect of Niyati (predestined Life) is Nimitta ... what was ordained is bound to happen. Changeover of Niyati in a Life-cycle by a Human Being is as difficult as climbing of Mt. Everest by an elephant. The Cosmic system is different from the World of Maya (illusion) ... our physical manifested World.

One can travel much faster than the speed of light ... the maximum speed one can attain is Infinity which is only possible to be traversed by an atman the soul within. A Human brain can invoke mental waves of the order of Infinity traveling back in time to the point of origin ... the occurrence of the big bang.

Every being bound by Karma of earlier births has a predestined course to follow in Life. What is Nimitta (predestined) for one need not be destined for another. One thing is certain. All things in the Cosmos follow an orderly fashion and nothing is disordered at any stage as stated by the famous physicist "Stephen Hawking" in his book "a brief history of time".

Had the Cosmos being disordered at some stage then at some stage in Life now or earlier one would have witnessed mangos growing on a guava tree, a Lion Cub being born to a Hen and wheat buds sprouting from been stalk. Such was not to be. Can we ever imagine a day in the near future when Moon might collapse with earth or the Sun.

All ... everything contained in the Cosmic system is so systematically ordered that even micro-organisms which can only be viewed by most powerful microscopes live a set pattern of Life. Nothing can happen all of a sudden. The whole Cosmos, a mighty computerized network ... wherein all is planned to the lasted detail and without exception!

You pray ... you get direct results, sometimes with a delay! You inflict injury on others ... you develop guilt consciousness. You may escape the clutches of law, define your cunningness as an act of intelligence but what of your atman the soul within which has suffered a setback owing to your immoral deeds! Who shall suffer ultimately? Your atman the soul within would daily prick you from within resulting in stresses and tensions (maybe of unprecedented magnitudes) in your physical Life now or at a later stage.

Attend seminars, symposiums and Spiritual counseling centers who provide stress relief. Try to understand your nimitta ... bear with it. Take it upon you as a way of Life you never can avoid. Only prepare and brace yourself again the same. Your nimitta will give you dividends if you go along with it ... not against! People who fight their Nimitta die a poor man's death ... a Life full of misery, agony and sufferings.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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