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Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (A ~ L)

Maya - concept of maya (illusion) as advocated by adi shankaracharya

Meditation - meaning and practicing Meditation Yoga in hinduism

Moha - underlying meaning of moha (brotherly affection) in hinduism

Moksha - what does Moksha Salvation stands for in hinduism

Mrityu - concept of death rebirth reincarnation beginning of new Life

Mukti Liberation

Nirvikalpa Samadhi - reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi - how?

Parmanand - stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi - experiencing bliss ananda

Prarabdha Karma

Punarjanma - concept of rebirth - relationship between body and soul


Sanatana Purusha - beginning less existence of almighty creator god

Self Realization

Shama - Forgiveness as advocated and practised in hinduism definition

Siddhi - meaning of siddhi - how can we acquire a siddhi as in Spirituality


Svadhyaya - study of the inner self practised in isolation - mauna stage

Tapasvi - who is a tapasvi - meaning of tapas - practicing austerities

Tej - role ambrosia tejas plays in the field of Spirituality - what this tej

Tyaagi - Importance of being a tyaagi forsaker on the path of spirituality

Vaasna - truth behind sensuous feelings inherent in every being - kama

Vedanta - end of vedas vedanta signifies importance of Bhagavad Gita

Videha Shetra - importance of videha shetra - gaining enlightenment

Yoga - meaning Meditation in hinduism Yoga entails deeper meaning

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Moha Deep Emotional Attachment

Moha: moh to any object is infested with and becomes the root cause of most harm inflicted on the society!!! One who leads a Life with unattached attitude is able to maintain a balance between the physical manifested Life (the mundane existence) and the Spiritual component propelled by Atman (the soul) within.

Inherent in all beings ... Moha towards the blood relations is a deep rooted trait of character! None can come out of its clutches. When a child is born it is reared by the parents ... Had the parents no moha towards the child ... proper upbringing of the child would become questionable!

As per the laws of Manu ... parents are solely responsible for the proper upbringing of their children up to the age of 18 years. However, with the growth of society and development of science which have affected the brain and have made it more receptive to education ... Children have become less dependent on parents and after 14 years of age ... They have to be looked upon as colleagues/friends!

At this stage, the relationship becomes one of give and take. The more you tend to care for your children ... more likely they will respond better at a later stage. In the Indian society where Moha is more predominant as compared to other parts of the World ... The growth of the child is more likely to be influenced by the wishes of its parents ... which may or may not totally go against the sincere desires of the child, sometimes ending with catastrophic results.

The child who wished to become a doctor enters a totally unknown field of education unable to exert his will against that of his elders. This child having become a gold smith may not rise to the expectation of his parents for inherently he reared a different profession. Unknown to all, this child may start living with an un-attached attitude towards Life and unable to bear the pitfalls at every corner confines himself to those secluded parts of Life which give nothing but tensions. He is not the only sufferer in the game. All in the family bear the brunt. In the circumstances what justice can be expected from the child!

A deeply rooted emotion is the cause of all moha. The society in the west owing to the faster developments taking place in the field of Engineering and Science is becoming less attached to their children with the result that it becomes mandatory for all children crossing the age of 18 years to leave their parental home and establish themselves in a separate house.

Can we now compare a lad of the western World above 18 years of age to an Indian boy of equivalent age. In the Western society every child at every stage of Life is totally free to take his own decisions and the decisions taken by this child are respected by all in the family. It is not the onus of the parents alone to chart out the course of Life of their children for parents are supposed to be stepping stones to success in Life of their children. Why not let them take their own decisions and guide them only when they ask for. Comes a stage in Life when these children will bring cheer to their parents ... Fruits of labor you have truly earned.

One very important factor in the western society is the general culture which has been built into the society by efforts of one and all. A helping attitude towards one and all keeps everyone happy ... Devoid of all emotions everyone looks towards another with respect irrespective of age.

Presently, even the western Pundits have started considering the Indian style of living as imbibed with more values but to what avail! Living in a joint family is much more enjoyable than living alone but what if the children are unable to stand out on their own after crossing 18? Like a keg in the wheel going round and round with no fixed aim of Life ... What would be the end result?

God gave us a brain to think ... To become mature by the time one reaches 21 years of age. The earlier one grows up and becomes independent ... the better it is for one and all. What use of all latent powers in a Human Being unless one puts them to intelligent use for the self and the society!

Excessive Moha is destructive ... Learn to live a balanced Life full of gaiety and laughter and with an intent to serve the society in right earnestness. Only then can one hope of forming a truly balanced and matured society.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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