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Meditation techniques - guided meditation - benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation technique - guided meditation

When we talk of meditation techniques available... the only thought that comes to mind is attending guided meditation classes in a meditation retreat which is quite common in the West. Truthfully speaking there is no fixed technique for meditation. One can do meditation in any posture comfortable to one... either sitting, standing or lying down.

Before we talk further of meditation techniques... we need to understand the meaning of meditation in totality... the history of meditation... from where did meditation originate... the definition of meditation as it should be and not as described in various dictionaries and encyclopedias!

Meditation in Hindi means yoga. In simpler words Yoga stands for the process of synthesizing between the two. Ever since our soul atman separated from its original source, God Almighty himself... the effort of our soul atman to unite with supreme atman... the Parmatman himself (God Almighty) is termed yoga nee meditation.

The biggest benefit of meditation is that we might not be a traveler of the path of spirituality yet; undergoing meditation has its benefits. As ordained by God Almighty the essence of life is removing the clutter from within. Every second thousands of thought pass through our brain... totally unwarranted and uncalled for!

The flow of thoughts to our brain is incessant... we cannot voluntarily block the flow of thoughts to our brain! By the right meditation technique... by following different practices of meditation one can streamline the flow of thoughts to our brain... altogether block the flow of thoughts so much so that not a single thought enters our brain involuntarily or unknowingly.

As a beginner on the path of meditation the first thought that comes to mind is sitting in the dark corner of a dimly lit room and concentrating on the center of a bulb. Is that what all meditation is all about... is this how we shall curtail the flow of thoughts to our brain. I have personally observed people sitting in silence not for hrs. days or months but years... never gaining anything out of it.

Once we understand the true crux of life... the power of meditation... we simply need concentrating on all the available means to stop the flow of incessant thoughts to our brain. The foremost of all meditation techniques is the path of breathing... pranayama! By gradually controlling the breathing process one can easily reach higher levels of meditation.

What is pranayama? By the process of pranayama human beings try to reach the source of consciousness within our heart that needs fresh oxygen for its survival. We breathe in and breathe out... and in the process lay the seeds of meditation! Pranayama can be conducted in the sitting posture or while standing... even walking!

By following the rhythm of 3-5 or 5-8... meaning three steps to inhale and five steps to exhale and similarly five steps to inhale and eight steps to exhale... human beings can develop a rhythm in life... a yogic posture... an art of meditation that would reap enormous benefits for the individual. Those who claim that pranayama can only be conducted in the sitting posture are wrong.

Nothing in system of God is inflexible... yet the whole process is disciplined! By proper practice of meditation yoga human beings can ultimately reach source of inhaling... wherein our soul atman, the spirit within resides! The moment this happens... human beings reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... the stage of nothingness when not a single stray thought passes through our brain.

For proper meditation we neither need a cushion, chair, and a stool nor bench... what we need is a proper sitting arrangement... a seat... a proper mat! Meditation yoga can be conducted anywhere as comfortable to one. A soothing audio music definitely helps... and so do comfortable meditation clothing. Anything that is comfortable to the body can be worn.

For indulgence in meditation one need not go to a meditation retreats... a meditation sojourn! One can do meditation in the confines of nature... in our garden... by the riverside... a flowing brook... or surrounded by chirping birds. As nearer we are to nature... the better! The best meditation technique in vogue is indulgence in early morning hours... even while walking or jogging!

Those who create proper meditation centres... meditation retreats never truly understand the meaning of meditation. Meditation is not all about gaining anything... true meditation is discarding the improper flow of thoughts to our brain... removing the clutter from our thinking process even while breathing rhythmically in a sequence!

A proper meditation technique is very relaxing... be it pranayama... or a relaxed walking or jogging! For a serious seeker of spirituality meditation is all about following the path of Neti (not this, not this) as preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana... one who realized God in his lifetime... one of the two persons who gained enlightenment in the last about 150 years!

In the initial stages of meditation... children need to be guided! One might not understand truly the meaning of meditation yoga! As one proceeds ahead in the journey of life... even while in office... when playing a game... when relaxing in the courtyard... one can commit to meditation yoga... the proper breathing process that lands one directly in the abode of God.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of guided meditation technique. For more on Meditation techniques visit -
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