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Krodha Anger

Krodha: unable to control this basic instinct present in every Human since birth ... Is the foremost of all ills practiced by Human Beings today.

Cause of differentiation between an ordinary Human Being and a man of wisdom, this is the last of all instincts controlling which every Human Being can become a living God ... A true Mahavira, Buddha or a Jesus Christ!

Think of it and think seriously? Why do people from the western World don't fret and fume over petty matters. They are sort of immune to Krodha (Anger). One will rarely witness a westerner getting angry in general. Remaining calm and peaceful they concentrate their energies on more fruitful jobs.

Reverse is the case with an Indian. One adverse remark about his integrity can cause him to flare up even though the act was unintentional.

Living in India a common man mostly remains bogged down by the social circumstances not within his control. The moment the same person lands on the foreign soil, particularly the Western sector comprising of USA, UK and Europe ... He is a changed personality. Totally free of the social barriers, we see the best in them.

The affect of the social culture and the most beautiful natural surroundings results in our hearing of an Indian student topping the math’s Olympiad, a geek having become a famous computer personality or one getting a Nobel Prize. Sky is the limit for such Indians living abroad. Same Indians if forced to live in India will most likely behave like an ordinary Indian.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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