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Sri Kalki Bhagavan
10th incarnation of Vishnu

Bhagwan Kalki... the 10th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu... the last avatar of the era... one who delivers the mankind from the ills of today is awaited with abated breath. A phenomenon who shall be rightly termed as one-man army... the Crusader who shall set things in order shall be known as Kalki... the annihilator of the present Kali Yuga the metal age... one without a parallel.

Kalki would have the same powers almost equivalent to Lord Krishna. And who is Lord Krishna?

During the times of Lord Krishna (about 3500 years back) the situation was almost similar as it is today. Duryodhana the Kaurava King who happened to be the real cousin of the Pandava kings was an arrogant ruler. Supported by his blind father Dhritrashtra who was equally arrogant but pleaded ignorance all the time (taking shelter behind the blindness in his eyes... not realizing that he was not only blind physically but was truly a mental cripple)... he decreed that the Pandava kings surrender the kingdom and the throne and leave for the confines of the forests for a period of 14 years.

The Pandava kings were senior (being the children of the elder brother) and routinely should have inherited the rule of the kingdom. King Duryodhana manipulated and banished the Pandava kings into exile for a period of 14 years with the hope that after 14 years it would be a lost case. He was wrong!

After spending 14 years in exile... the Pandava kings returned with the hope of getting the kingdom back. King Duryodhana who was already smitten by the power kings enjoy refused to budge. He asked the Pandava kings again for another exile of 14 years.

Lord Krishna who happened to be a cousin of both the Pandava and the Kaurava Kings knew the game being played by Duryodhana against his cousins. He advised them not to do so.

This was the period when Adharma was at its peak. Lord Krishna advised the Pandava kings to fight against injustice meted out to them. Lord Krishna an avatar of the era... who possessed powers almost equivalent to God Almighty took up the mighty task of dutifully helping the Pandava kings in the fight against injustice.

Dharma had to be upheld under all costs... there was no other solution than a fight to the finish between the Pandava and Kauravas kings. It was this period during which the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita came into existence. Thinking of the unnecessary bloodshed that would be caused and unwitting to fight his cousins, relatives and friends... king Arjuna almost raised his hands up in despair.

Lord Krishna who was a witness to everything gave the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita to king Arjuna. Here it is to be noted that king Arjuna was the only person live on Mother Earth who could have disseminated the complex wisdom of Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna took his time but was Successful as king Arjuna finally agreed to fight his relatives and friends for the cause of humanity and upholding the Dharma.

In the battle of Kurukshetra that followed... it was a fight to the finish and Dharma was finally upheld. It was a complete root for Adharma. Not only the Kaurava Kings lost their lives but the bloodshed in the camp of the Pandavas was almost equal. The doctrine of the Bhagavad Gita is the most important happening that could have ever occurred in the history of mankind.

This doctrine of Bhagavad Gita is as applicable as it was then. Bhagavad Gita contains within it all the ingredients required to learn of the system of God. Everything right from the beginning of the cosmos (with a big-bang) and until the dissolution (Pralaya in Hinduism) is all explained in the Bhagavad Gita. For a human being to reach the portals of heaven nay achieve stage of enlightenment is all but possible once we disseminate the pearls of wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita.

Similar is the situation today... Adharma is at its peak... lawlessness has become the order of the day. The bigger the culprit... higher the position in society one maintains. In a country like India you shall find chief ministers occupying the highest seat of the state in spite of having above twenty FIRs lodged against them. FIRs relating to murder, kidnapping and what not!

In the circumstances when the society finds itself totally handicapped and without a solution... at such a time it is only God Almighty who can help humanity come out of the chaos. It is one amongst us who embarks on the mission of cleaning the society of its ills. Such a one... who shall be termed as Bhagwan Kalki... one almost equivalent in power of Lord Krishna shall guide the humanity to its logical end.

Adharma can never win against Dharma. It can never be! So is not the system made by God? In Intermittent phases of life... the humanity faces many ups and downs but in the end everything is set right by one who was known as Lord Krishna then and shall be now known as Bhagwan Kalki now.

How does such enormous power come to be wielded by one single individual... yes! It is possible for God Almighty takes care of all. Kalki who handles everything based on logistics and wisdom is one in whom almost 60% of the society places blind faith. Out of the balance 40% about 30% are strict followers of Bhagwan Kalki. of the balance 10% about 5% are undecided and it is only the balance 5% on account of which the whole humanity suffers.

These sufferings... the prevalence of Adharma is not limited to a society, region, state or a country. It is spread all over Mother Earth. In every corner of the society one shall find lawlessness prevailing all over. It is a time to do or die.

In Jainism this particular period of time has been described as the end of Kali Yuga (termed Chattam Chatta)... the phase when clock rings 5 AM in the morning. There still is time before the sun rises. There is almost one more hour more to go. This is the period of reckoning when it shall be a fight to the finish between Dharma and Adharma.

This is the period when even the common man does not remain an onlooker. He starts wielding power for now he has Bhagwan Kalki to guide him. With Bhagwan Kalki to guide... the masses take the power in their hands. It is justice all around. None can escape the fury of the masses. Every single individual has to face the Dharma had on.

If the karma performed by an individual merits appreciation... such a one is truly appreciated by the society. One who has gained ill gotten wealth and muscle power shall be the one who shall really face the music. There is no escape at all for such people. Every era ends in such a fashion. The society has to come clean of all its ills. It cannot do without.

The masses taking the law into their hands are the order of the day. Only those who have practiced bad karma shall get punished... for one who has merits in his possession... there is nothing to fear! Justice prevails all around... every single cause which resulted in the society going bad is rooted out. This is the period when the real working of a person speaks for itself.

As of date many people ask me what will happen to them during the times of Bhagwan Kalki. Knowing well that they shall all be doomed for the ills being practiced since long, yet out of curiosity they do not hesitate to ask. Inherently they all know that they might suffer for the sins of their past... yet they continue to find solace in the fact that they might escape from the fury of Dharma.

In their books they have a fixed adage that in the system of God chances of records going wrong always exists and they might escape the noose inadvertently. Such a happening shall never be.

The rot in the society which comprises of barely 4 to 6% people... those who are not willing to compromise on anything other than Adharma are the ones who have taken the society to ransom. It is totally against the principles of Dharma and ethics that these individuals do not come to terms with the society.

They have to be punished and it is only one of the statures of Bhagwan Kalki who can set them right. Bhagwan Kalki... the doer of Kali Yuga shall not only wield enormous powers that be but he truly shall be a man of wisdom... the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita always helping him. The doctrine of Bhagavad Gita from Bhagwan Kalki flows as freely as flows the water in the pure Ganges canal.

Nostradamus has rightly predicted the coming of the blue turbaned one... the Messiah of the 21st century. And this blue turbaned one means one from a country which has the makings of a blue turban. The Indian Peninsula surrounded on two sides by oceans forms the shape of a turban surrounded by blue waters. This Bhagwan Kalki has to be from India.

It was a given fact that during the times of Nostradamus, every quatrain of his was indirectly written. He feared the King who had ordered for his capture by all means. To escape the wrath of the King... he wrote quatrains which only people of wisdom could understand and disseminate.

Lord Krishna came from Mathura, a city located in state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Mahavira was also born in Vaishali... a city located in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Gautama Buddha belonged to a region which lies in Bihar state of India. Jesus Christ learnt his wisdom from the Nalanda and Taxila universities of India. Even Prophet Mohammed belonged to a region in Persia which was once occupied by the Indian rulers.

All the man gods practically gained their wisdom from India. Bhagwan Kalki also shall be from this country. The patience and persistence practiced by Indians has no parallel in mankind. USA, the superpower number one is hardly 700 years old... comparatively, Lord Krishna came about 3600 years back and King Rama further 1500 years before Lord Krishna.

All the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita which form the core of complete sacred literature existing on Mother Earth were written somewhere around 3000 to 5000 years from now. The Indian sacred literature has no parallel in mankind. If one can understand the wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita... the complete essence of life nay the complete cosmic theory becomes crystal clear. It is as if one can see the complete cosmic system from the beginning (when the Cosmos started with a big bang) and until the dissolution of cosmos (called Pralaya In Hinduism).

The coming of Bhagwan Kalki is full of promise... the mankind would regain its lost values. Bhagwan Kalki would see to it that the casteism in the society gets totally abolished. In the times of Bhagwan Kalki happenings as in the aftermath of Katrina hurricane would never get repeated. The relief reaching late only because the black community had suffered... such a happening is unbearable and unfathomable! Such happenings in a civilized society like USA which proud it on being superpower number one is really sickening.

Bhagwan Kalki is the need of the hour. The mankind as of today cannot do without the advent of Bhagwan Kalki. The clock has to ring six o'clock in the morning. Nothing in the whole cosmic system can stop the clock from running. Now the time for the crooks... the real crooks of the society is running out. It is only a short while from now that we shall witness the advent of Bhagwan Kalki... that forms part of the Dash avatar (10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu) series of avatars supposed to manifest from the times of King Rama and beyond.

Bhagwan Kalki is a one-man phenomenon... it shall be an even to see Bhagwan Kalki live in working. The six o'clock in the morning shall ring the start of the golden era... a period termed in hinduism as Satyuga. Satyuga is the period in the history of mankind when the materialistic tendencies are in their lowest ebb. Almost hundred per cent satisfaction writ large on the faces of the masses will spell out the truth for itself.

As of today it somehow seems unbelievable that one-man of the stature of Bhagwan Kalki shall be able to turn the tide in the favor of Dharma and humanity. Looks like a very remote possibility! Yet, all shall be possible by the grace of God Almighty.

The events of WTC, the forcible occupation of Iraq by the forces of USA, the terrible tragedy faced by Afghanistan in the hands of USA and its allies is a living testimony to what the future events shall be. As happens in a good box-office hit movie... everything in the end that ends well is okay for the society.

After the advent of Bhagwan Kalki and sooner the world faces the onslaught of Dharma against Adharma... everyone... every single individual on Mother Earth would feel extremely comfortable and happy. It shall not be the outcome of a single day of happening. It has been in the reckoning for centuries.

The changeover from one era to another is never smooth... the transition carries with it the seeds of a revolution which shall tilt the tide in the favor of mankind. Only after Bhagwan Kalki comes into the scene that the mankind witnesses the fear of death almost abolished. None shall fear death in the coming era. It is as if death never existed.

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By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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