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Kaal cosmic time factor

Kaal: the Eternal time factor, the controller of destiny of all beings on Mother Earth ... Is responsible for maintaining the balance, an equilibrium in the physical manifested World of ours.

Someone dies, atman the soul within leaves the body. Where does it go? It remains in this World but in a dimension unseen by us. Who takes care of this happening? Prompted by the resultant Karma of a Jiva at any given moment of time, Kaal (the eternal time factor) performs this act by bringing about the death of one.

Unless kaal has come, Life of not one be snatched away. When Paap Karma exceeds the allotted hours, the body is forced to leave atman the soul within. kaal has no fixity in time. With the ever expanding Universe like a blowing balloon, the edge of the Universe remains undefined. If one travel faster than the speed of light, there is always a possibility to reach the frontier of time (the boundary of the cosmos).

Such a happening can never take place in the physical World. Bodily transportation of Human Beings would never be possible. Fantasies like Star Trek etc., keep our imagination alive. For scientists and physicist it shall always remain a theory on paper. In the World of Atmans (The Soul Within) such a happening is a common feature. Atmans (The Soul Within) are not governed by time. They travel to any part of the cosmos as and when they wish.

Entering the domain of atman the soul within, all is pure energy. Physical manifest form has no significance for it except for the fact that every atman the soul within has to manifest a body to gain purity. Only then alone can atman the soul within be liberated forever from the clutches of Maya (ignorance).

We are all controlled by God through the irreversible laws of Karma and kaal. He is invisible. Those who speak of God having a form are ignorant of the fact that God lives in a domain beyond the perception of senses. One can organize a journey to the Moon from planet earth. How?

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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