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Jnana: Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Adhyatma - meaning of Adhyatma - study of our atman the soul within

Advaita Vedanta

Agni - importance of agni - god of Fire in Hinduism - agni Yoga

Aham - concept meaning of ego in hinduism explained

Anadi Kaal - beginning less state of time - the state of timelessness

Antaratma - study of our inner self - our soul the atman within

Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

Aum - Meaning of om aum omkar - cosmic medium of communication

Bhagavan Kalki

Bhagvad Gita - Essence of Bhagavad Gita explained in simpler terms

Big Bang

Brahman - defining brahman god creator of the cosmos karta parmatman


Define Atman


Dharma Definition

Dharma - Definition dharma - relationship with Religion and Spirituality

Enlightened Beings



Hinduism - Bhagavad Gita - Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism Atman

Hinduism Beliefs - hinduism basics - beliefs of hinduism

Inner Self

Jnana - meaning of jnana as detailed in hinduism and Bhagavad Gita

Jnana Yoga

Kaal - meaning of kaal time as per hinduism and Bhagavad Gita

Kaivalya Jnana - Kaivalya - the knowledge of the absolute cosmic wisdom

Kali Yuga


Kama - Definition kama sensual Essence of Life present in every being

Karma - meaning Definition Karma - its relation to physical work

Karma Sutra

Karta - God Almighty creator - doer of everything in the cosmos


Kundalini Yoga

Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (M ~ Z)

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Jnana Eternal Knowledge

Jnana: is totally different from the knowledge of the physical World gained through the senses! To live in this World it is totally essential to have knowledge of the things we perceive through the senses. Sciences help us to evolve as a perfect Human Being but, to enter the domain of God the Creator of the cosmos ...

Esoteric knowledge, the knowledge of the Spiritual realm is a must!! This knowledge of the Para normal in the various sacred Scriptures is known as ‘jnana’. Jnana can also be termed as wisdom ... the knowledge divine which propels us to pay Obeisance to our maker and Creator.

To understand self, the I within ... We have to obtain jnana either through reading and assimilating sacred Scriptures or hearing discourses from Self-Realized Souls (those who know the journey to the abode of God). Destination being the same we may take the path of any Religion as per convenience!

Knowledge of the supreme Lord helps us in better understanding of our relationships towards fellow beings and other species manifesting on Mother Earth! We tend to live a Life full of equipoise and mental peace after acquiring Spiritual knowledge.

Unless you want to realize God ... attain moksha within this Life (reach a stage when all becomes one for you) ... One need not fear that knowledge gained through the Scriptures would make us a wandering ascetic and take us far away from our home and families!

Once you fail to differentiate between two Human Beings identifying all on the basis of atman the soul within ... Which is of the same nature and Essence ... The cause for any fear on any account is totally unfounded.

If you really strive for inner peace ... seek Jnana!!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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