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Jiva being

Jiva: who is a jiva! Every being with atman the soul within is known as a jiva. It has been destined by God the Creator that Jiva never plays an independent role in its Lifetime. It is always prompted by atman the soul within.

A jiva is formed when an Atman manifests a body. Jiva is concerned only with one Life, the physical part of Life as seen and controlled by the senses and limited by about hundred years. Whereas Atmans Souls are Cosmic travelers with a maximum of 8.4 Million Life spans to manifest in one cosmic Life span.

Every jiva can be compared to a living transistor whereas the singer at the radio station whose voice is being broadcast through the transistor is atman the soul within. As long as the battery, the power source in intact, the jiva lives ... The moment the source is discharged, all is over for the physical being. Death has taken over. Time has come for the Atman, the Cosmic traveler to leave the body. The Atman continues on its Cosmic journey to manifest another body, a new Life!

With the phasing out of the transistor, does the voice being relayed die out?

Atman soul, the Cosmic inner being continues on its Cosmic journey least perturbed by the fact that the body it manifested in earlier Life had died. Death has no meaning for atman the soul within. It has always remained unattached with the manifested form. Only after thorough purification is achieved does an atman soul liberate itself. In the manifested World this phenomenon is reflected as the birth and death of a being be it a plant, animal or a Human Being!!

It is only the ignorance of the Human Being that makes him fear the death.

The small inner voice one hears is nothing but the powerful voice being relayed ... How many take cognizance is merited in the fact that in a given time only one or two man Gods arrive on the scene. Every atman soul is in direct contact with the Creator of the cosmos all the time. All powerful and knowing all, every Atman can travel to any part of the cosmos within no time

Jiva though indirectly is a powerful attribute of every atman soul for every atman soul has no power within it to cleanse itself of the impurities. It has but to manifest a body which assists it in the purification process.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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