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Hinduism: Sanatana Dharma Definition Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Acharya - guru Spiritual teacher - disseminator of absolute knowledge

Adhyatma - meaning of Adhyatma - study of our atman the soul within

Advaita Vedanta

Agni - importance of agni - god of Fire in Hinduism - agni Yoga

Aham - concept meaning of ego in hinduism explained

Anadi Kaal - beginning less state of time - the state of timelessness

Antaratma - study of our inner self - our soul the atman within

Aparigriha - meaning of aparigriha in Hinduism - non covetousness

Atmanubhooti - experiencing the presence of the self (soul) within

Aum - Meaning of om aum omkar - cosmic medium of communication

Bhagavan Kalki

Bhagvad Gita - Essence of Bhagavad Gita explained in simpler terms

Big Bang Theory


Brahmaand - creation of the brahmaand the cosmos - how it occurs

Brahman - defining brahman god creator of the cosmos karta parmatman



Define Atman


Dharma Definition

Dharma - Definition dharma - relationship with Religion and Spirituality

Dukkha - meaning of dukkha (sufferings) as entailed in hinduism

Enlightened Beings




Hinduism - Bhagavad Gita - Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism Atman

Hinduism Beliefs - hinduism basics - beliefs of hinduism

Inner Self

Jiva - Definition Jiva (living being) in hinduism - relation with atman soul

Jnana - meaning of jnana as detailed in hinduism and Bhagavad Gita

Jnana Yoga - defining jnana Yoga Hinduism - foremost path of spirituality

Kaal - meaning of kaal time as per hinduism and Bhagavad Gita

Kaivalya Jnana - Kaivalya - the knowledge of the absolute cosmic wisdom

Kali Yuga


Kalpa Vriksha - defining kalpa vriksha wish fulfilling tree as per hinduism

Kama - Definition kama sensual Essence of Life present in every being

Karma Sutra

Karta - God Almighty creator - doer of everything in the cosmos


Krodha - anger krodh as defined in hinduism - controlling anger

Kundalini Yoga


Glossary of words in hinduism spirituality (M ~ Z)

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Hinduism Sanatana Dharma Beliefs

Hinduism: can be best defined as Sanatana Dharma... something that exists from times immemorial. Hinduism does not have a beginning... it exists ever since Humanity came into existence. The inner strength of Hinduism is Dharma... which also forms the base of all Religions existing on Mother Earth. No Religion can ever survive without a Dharma. Dharma is the root of all Religions. Why?

Talking of Jainism we cannot understand the basics without delving into the Life of the 24th Tirthankara Bhagwan Mahavira. It was only in the time of the 24th Tirthankara Bhagwan Mahavira that Jainism rightly came into existence. Whatever form of Jainism existed before the 24th Tirthankara was limited to the Spiritual Masters only. All that was knowable to these Spiritual Masters was not available to the masses for the prime reason that the intellect of a common man was not as developed as was required to fathom the depths of the Sacred wisdom we know as jaina doctrines.

During the times of Bhagwan Mahavira... the common masses came to understand what was being taught by the masters of the era. Gradually as the momentum picked up... the followers of Jaina doctrine came to be known as Jains and the following Jainism. Before Bhagwan Mahavira the existence of Jainism as such did not hold good as it was only limited to the Spiritual Masters of the day.

Similarly, the Teachings of Gautama Buddha came to be known as Buddhism and its followers Buddhists. Buddhism is also known as the eightfold path. Gautama Buddha advocated the eightfold path also known as the middle path for he realized that not while living in the family and nor while attempting the Life of the dense forests could one gain knowledge of the sacred Scriptures. He advocated maintaining a balance between the two and advised the common man to take the middle path. Neither getting totally immersed in family Life nor practicing austere practices to its extreme.

We need to understand that before the advent of Gautama Buddha... there was nothing we can call as Buddhism. The Teachings of Gautama Buddha primarily form the core Teachings of Buddhism. The existence of Buddhism Religion... the following of Gautama Buddha came into being only after the advent of Gautama Buddha.

In Christianity also, the core Teachings of the Bible contain the Essence of the Teachings of Jesus Christ and his trusted followers. Before the advent of Jesus Christ nothing existed on Mother Earth we could call as Christianity. The following of Jesus Christ is known as Christianity and the followers Christians.

Similarly, before the advent of Prophet Mohammed there existed nothing we could call as Islam. The advent of Islamic Dharma came into being after Prophet Mohammed and his Teachings came into the scene. The followers of the Islamic Dharma are called Islamists and also Muslims and the Teachings of Prophet Mohammed are contained in the sacred book of Islamic Dharma, the Koran.

Now even before the advent of Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Bhagwan Mahavira... the Humanity existed and that too without the help of any Religion. Why so? Because, no Religion existed before the advent of Bhagwan Mahavira... the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. Whatever existed was the eternal Dharma. In short, the Definition Dharma can be stated as, "our right to do what is just and right and not what were destined". This right of Dharma gives freedom to every individual Human Being to live an independent Life. One may belong to any Religion, caste or creed... the eternal Dharma is always there to guide us on the right path.

No living being can survive without Dharma. The society itself would fail in the absence of Dharma. The Sacred Dharma is the eternal disciplinary force that inherently guides all living beings every moment of our Life. We may be a follower of any Religion or not... the eternal Dharma is always there to guide us in our journey of Life. Dharma is the core of every living being. It is ingrained in every living being. The shortest Definition Dharma can be put as, "our right to live a truthful and justly Life". Which primarily means that without encroaching upon the rights of another individual we are at liberty to live our own Life.

The moment one indulges in Adharma (encroaching upon the rights of the others)... Life just wavers and becomes hell maybe not materialistically but truthfully our inherent being loses its grace and we become totally restless from within.

Bhagavad Gita... the core teaching of Hinduism... the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna during the Battle of Mahabharata between Pandavas and Kauravas has no parallel in the total history of mankind. Bhagavad Gita contains in itself the complete wisdom of the cosmos. The knower of Bhagavad Gita becomes omniscient... there is nothing left for him to learn further. Life makes a complete circle for the knower of Bhagavad Gita... the journey of Life reaches its culmination point... the 8.4 Millionth manifestation. Beyond which there is nothing else but the stage of Salvation (moksha in Hinduism).

Even before the advent of Lord Krishna when there was no existence of Bhagavad Gita, the Humanity survived on the basis of the Dharma. And this Dharma forms the core of Hinduism. Ever since Human Beings came into existence... existed Sanatana Dharma... the ever-existing Dharma since Times Immemorial. The word Sanatana means something without a beginning... in other words existing since Times Immemorial.

Hinduism in other words is defined as Sanatana Dharma... it is not a Religion... it is not the preaching... Hinduism exists for the existence of Life itself. In the times of Rama who came much before Lord Krishna existed Dharma and only Dharma. There was no Religion in existence at that time. The society survived because of the ingrained Dharma in every living being. Even before the word Hindu got coined by the followers of Islamic Dharma... India existed as Bharatvarsha. The word Bharatvarsha was derived from the King Bharat who reigned over the region where prevailed the Sanatana Dharma.

The region beyond the Indus River which divides the territory between the present India and Pakistan, everything beyond the sindh territory (now in Pakistan) lived the followers of Sanatana Dharma who were pronounced as Hindus (which stood for the people who lived beyond the sindh and as sindh was pronounced as Hind by the followers of Islamic Dharma... the immigrants of the Hind region came to be known as Hindus. The territory came to be known as Hind territory and finally Hindustan and the following Hinduism.

Bharatvarsha, Hindustan, India whatever we may call it... the total inhabitants of India are followers of Sanatana Dharma. As time passed by and with the advent of Bhagwan Mahavira... the doctrine of Bhagwan Mahavira came to be known as Jainism and the followers as Jains. This does not mean that the followers of Jainism are not the believers of Sanatana Dharma. Culturally Jains may deny following the Teachings of Sanatana Dharma but everything ingrained in the doctrine of Bhagwan Mahavira contains the complete Essence of Sanatana Dharma.

Similarly Buddhism, Christianity and Islamic Dharma came into existence. The followers of all these three Religions inherently are also the followers of Sanatana Dharma (that in other words means the perennial Dharma existing since Times Immemorial).

Hinduism is the foremost of all Religions because Lord Krishna came about thousand years before Bhagwan Mahavira, about 77 years after Bhagwan Mahavira came Gautama Buddha, another 423 years later came Jesus Christ and two decades further Prophet Mohammed. The prime roots of Dharma always existed in India. In the Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita... the foremost of all Scriptures of Hinduism... the complete Essence of the total cosmic structure is explained in detail.

How with a big bang a new cosmos starts... how all atmans souls get scattered all over the Cosmos and begins the journey of atman the soul within. At the opportune time when atman the soul within on its cosmic journey finds a planet like Mother Earth that is conducive for manifesting a body... the evolution of Life starts.

In the beginning phase, our atman the soul within initially manifests the body of an amoeba (a single cell formation)... the first in the series of 8.4 Million manifestations every atman the soul within is required to manifest in cosmic journey (the total journey of 96.4 earthly Million years). Thereafter the Life evolves into a multi-cell formation then insect Life, plant Life, animal Life and finally the form of a Human Being. By the time Atman within our body manifests the form of a Human Being it has already manifested a total of 7.3 Million lives (starting from amoeba and up to the stage of an animal).

Everything explained above is contained in Bhagavad Gita... the core of Hinduism. Such Teachings do not find any place in the Teachings of Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. Whatever is contained in Bhagavad Gita is not fully covered in the doctrine of Jainism put forward by Bhagwan Mahavira, the middle path Teachings by Gautama Buddha, the Bible in Christianity and the Koran of Islamic Dharma. On the contrary, everything contained in the doctrines of Jainism, the Teachings of Gautama Buddha, the Bible and the Koran is existent in Bhagavad Gita.

There is nothing beyond Bhagavad Gita in hinduism which one is required to follow to reach the stage of Kaivalya Jnana (omniscience) and finally Salvation (moksha in Hinduism). This is not a mere declaration on behalf of the followers of Hinduisum but whatever is contained in Bhagavad Gita cannot be denied by people of any Religion Faith or creed. People in the west look with awe at the Teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita. The depth of the Teachings makes them completely bewildered. Those intelligent ultimately realize having reached the final document required for one to proceed towards the journey of Salvation (moksha).

The knower of Bible, the knower of Koran, the knower of Teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira, and the knower of the doctrine advocated by Gautama Buddha can ever reach the stage of Salvation (moksha in Hinduism). Only after one is able to understand the inner meaning of the Paras contained in Bhagavad Gita can one reach the final journey of Life... the 8.4 Millionth manifestation beyond which our atman the soul within liberates forever from the cycle of birth and death. Our atman the soul within gains immortality never to manifest a body again.

Hinduism never criticizes any other Religion, doctrine or Teachings by a Spiritual Master. The importance of Hinduism has been well defined in Bhagavad Gita. As no body can survive without a soul the atman within... similarly Humanity cannot survive without the Teachings contained in hinduisum in form of Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Hinduism and Bhagavad Gita form the core of every living being. We may or may not agree upon the Teachings of Bhagavad Gita and Hinduism but our survival is fully dependent upon the Teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita.

The meaning of reincarnation, theory of karma, the Definition Dharma, where lies the swarga (Heaven) and hell (Naraka) is all explicitly defined in the Sacred Bhagavad Gita. Anything every Human Being can desire to learn of the cosmic wisdom is contained in one and only document of its kind existing on Mother Earth the Humanity knows as Bhagavad Gita and which forms the core of hinduisum.

Be it Bhagavad Gita, Sanatana Dharma, bhagavad gita, hinduism religion symbols gods articles, bhagwad gita... everything bogs down to... whether or not we understand the core of hinduism!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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