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Death Life and Death
Near death

Death has always been the most dreaded factor of life for any living being. It is not only the humans who are afraid of death... animals and other forms of life also feel the same!

What makes death the most fearful of all attributes of God? There is none who can defy death. Only after gaining self realization and enlightenment that one becomes immortal. It is this stage when the fear of death vanishes for ever. Every God realized Master and an enlightened individual finally overcomes death.

What is to death that is feared about most? Death announces the end of the physical manifested journey on Mother Earth. Whatever be the achievements of an individual in any phase of life... be it the form of an insect, animal or the human being himself... all seems to have gone wasted!

After death of body... none remembers what the next manifestation would be! For the present being all is lost after death of body. The entity for which it lived all through in present life seems to be lost forever the moment the death of body occurs.

The achievements in present life... do they carry no value. Why does not God Almighty show mercy on human beings and increase their life span proportionate to their achievements in the physical manifested life.

It is a remote possibility that such an arrangement may have worked. Probably God Almighty did not have able advisers. People of the level of Edison and Einstein may have continued living for thousands of years. In doing so they would have immensely benefited the mankind and for God there was nothing to lose. But so was not destined by God. Why?

Why is it so that death makes an uninteresting subject! We may have labored for a full 30~35 years... the primetime of our life having spent in creating an enormous wealth. But when comes the time for death of body... All shall be left behind. Why?

In the system of God... nothing seems to be disordered or incomplete. Stephen Hawking in his book "a Brief History of Time" has advocated that the system of God is disordered at some stage. He is absolutely in the wrong. He is trying to place his judgments based on science. There are many factors in the field of spirituality which are purely based upon faith.

The conclusions of Stephen Hawking were wrong for the complete cosmic system is without a parallel. It has no flaws... such a phenomenon can never be! Everything in whole Cosmos is governed by laws which are a creation of the Creator himself.

If death was designed by God as it stands today... then how can it be that the achievements of an individual in a particular life remained unpaid? The balance of the whole Cosmos would get disturbed on this account. The law of karma was primarily created by God to maintain this aspect of life.

It is the doctrine of karma which makes the achievements of one life carried forward to the next manifestation. It is through the chromosomes that whatever has been achieved by one in present life shall get automatically transferred to next life.

Talking of death, near death experiences, sudden death and subjects like life and death... science has a very limited role to play for it is only the parameter of faith which shall lay bare the doors of wisdom for us. Never as a scientist can one enter the domain of God.

Albert Einstein in his end part of life when he was nearing death realized the importance of having faith in the system of God. It was too late by then. He regretted not having indulged into reading Bhagavad Gita... the foremost of all sacred Scriptures existing on Mother Earth. He realized his folly that standing on the platform of science... talking of spirituality carried no sense.

Standing on the 30th floor of Empire State building one cannot have a glimpse of the entire New York as it would appear if one was standing on the top of the building. To have a complete view from the top we have to rise to the top. And it is only riding the ladder of faith in the system of God can one reach the highest domain of life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation.

Einstein was a pearl amongst the total scientific community of his age. He was wise enough to have admitted his folly.

As was destined by God Almighty... life goes on and on. The truth is... the present physical manifest form of life carries no meaning for God Almighty. What is to be understood is that it is our soul the atman within that has taken the body and not vice versa.

All the benefits of the karma performed by the body belong to our soul the atman within and this soul is on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations on the whole. Life moves from one manifestation to another with ease. Nothing is lost midway. Whatever be the achievements in a particular manifestation... they are definitely transferred to the next manifestation.

Life runs on truly as a balance sheet compiled by an accountant. The closing balance of the earlier manifestation becomes the opening balance of the new manifestation. Weighing things from the senses point of view the two manifestations are not related but in the world of Souls Atmans all is part of the system of God which cannot err.

If we fathom the fact that it is our soul the atman within which is the beneficiary of all the karma performed... the hard feelings against the death of a body would not only diminish but altogether vanish.

The death of a body is merely the end of a particular phase in cosmic life. It is not the end of the journey itself. The journey was undertaken not by the body but by our soul the atman within.

The theory of evolution as confounded by Charles Darwin also proves this point. Life evolves from one manifestation to another and in the normal routine the next manifestation normally is the next step higher.

What our next manifestation would be is purely dependent upon the karma performed by an individual. If we have a negative balance of karma then our next manifestation would be of a lower level than the present one. However if we have a positive balance of karma than we are definitely bound to get elevated to the next higher platform in life on the cosmic scale!

The switchover from one manifestation to another is absolutely smooth. In present life the family weeps bereaved of the death of body in the family but for the soul atman who shall be manifesting a new phase in life is like a student waiting to get a new blazer in the next semester. A bonus indeed!

Life and death are correlated in the cosmic system of God. And the balance is maintained by the law of karma. If we understand the significance attached to our soul atman taking the body then the cause for worry of the death of body would immensely reduce.

While proceeding on any journey... we always know there has to be an end! The journey would not be complete if there was no end. The death of body announces the end of the present journey. The death announces that our soul the atman within is about to manifest another body.

It is altogether a different matter that no two manifestations are ever related. It could not have ever been. If I come to know in present life that one of my best friend was the cause of my death in one of the earlier manifestations then it shall be bloodshed thereafter. No human being would be able to ever forgive one for a grave offense like causing the death of a body.

In such matters forgiveness can be preached but it is most unlikely that one is likely to practice it. The remembrances of the past manifestations would have created animosity and chaos in whole Cosmos. The whole system of God would have failed that very moment. It was not to be.

Death announces a new life... a new journey for the soul our atman within! Where is the cause of any fear! Life is supposed to be lived. Every moment is precious. We must always remember without fail that every causation in present life results in equal reaction. The balance of karma of the present life that shall be is absolutely dependent upon the karma performed by us.

Hopes and desires carry no weightage when talking of life and death. As we perform so shall be the next manifestation. We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree... similarly no miracles ever occur in life as life is absolutely governed by doctrine of karma.

We must always put our best step forward so that the balance of karma in present life always remains positive. We must strive that the balance of positive karma enhances in present life as compared to the previous life. Only then our soul the atman within would be able to expedite its journey of reaching the stage of liberation... finally getting emancipation from the cycle of Birth and Death forever.

It is this end goal of reaching stage of enlightenment and finally the stage of Salvation Moksha in Hinduism that is the climax of cosmic life our soul the atman within is passing through. Salvation announces the end of cosmic journey for soul the atman within! One has reached the pinnacle of cosmic glory... the journey finally coming to an end.

Death is as good a part of life as the life itself. Without death... life itself could not have existed. Unless the present body decays and die... our soul the atman within can never look forward to getting a new body (a new phase of life) in next manifestation.

For the cosmic system to continue... death plays a very important role!

It is not death that is to be feared... it is our wanton desires and the vices which must be feared most. It is they that shall result in our accumulating negative balance of karma. This would have disastrous results in the life of our atman the soul within.

In the present Kali Yuga phase of life (the present metal age)... we need to remember that it is the doctrine of karma that is governing! It has also been advocated by the most revered spiritual master of the present era that it is karma and only karma that shall play the most vital role in the life of every human being. And the need of the hour is performing karma which brings us a positive balance of life... to be carried onward to next life!

If we have lived a truly negative life in the present Kali Yuga phase of life... that phase of life which has totally remained hidden from the society... we cannot expect to earn merits out of it. In the cosmic hierarchy we shall again be born on a lower platform of life for nothing is hidden from the Almighty God.

We get paid for what our true actions have been and not that which were projected to the society. George Bush may be a nice president for some but it is for certain that he won the presidency of the USA based on some folly created during the counting of the votes. If he has erred in his decisions... he shall face the music in next manifestation.

The punishment in the system of God is automatic. As we perform so shall be our next phase of life. Performing negative karma can never yield positive results. Merely hoping for a good life ahead shall not fructify for our actions have been totally contrary to what we really desired in life.

Take the case of Bill Gates... the founding architect of the famous Windows program and the CEO of Microsoft Corporation. On his web site you shall find that he does not prefer giving donations to religious organizations. He is hundred percent right for so many religious organizations have cropped up overnight that it becomes difficult to differentiate the genuine from the frauds.

What actually Bill Gates forgets is... it is the field of pure spirituality that plays the governing role. Religion does not require funds. It is the field of pure spirituality that can bring about a quantum change in the society. If Jesus Christ were to descend today and had he desired some funds for works he may have liked to perform then as per the doctrine of Bill Gates it was a clear no to Jesus Christ. Here Bill Gates is in the wrong.

The John Templeton foundation is doing a wonderful job for it helps the spiritual masters of the day with a million-dollar prize. Probably he has more of understanding of the subject than Bill Gates. Glory is to the John Templeton foundation which may have really helped many in doing what they truly desired from the heart but were always deficient of funds.

The Melinda Gates foundation has already pledged millions of dollars for AIDS but to what purpose. AIDS is required to be eradicated from the roots... not merely treated. The eradication can only be caused by the highest spiritual master of the day. Unless the humanity realizes the gravity of the situation and stops wanton indulgences... and bids goodbye to the promiscuous behavior... the evil of AIDS just cannot be contained.

Imagine in some of the Western countries... every second or third child is born a bastard (refer the dictionery for definition). One who has been born out of wedlock even before the parents were married? What a shame the society is being put to! Life is supposed to be lived freely but we cannot overrule the domain of God. Even Jesus Christ never advocated such practices nor does Bible favor such incidents.

Merely donating funds and earning name and fame shall not earn merits for either Bill Gates or the Melinda Gates foundation. It is the balance of karma at the end part of life that shall decide what the next manifestation of Bill Gates be. In the system of God such charities and donations carry no meaning. Bill Gates would always be remembered for what he truly did for the society and not the quantum of donations he ever made.

On the contrary look at the life of Madame Curie... the famous lady who discovered radium for the benefit of mankind. In the process of pitching out radium from the pitchblende ore she lost her body from overdoses of radiation. She lived for the society... she cared for the humanity... she gave away her life for a very noble cause.

She was truly an embodiment of God... she bluntly refused to place any royalty on her discovery. Radium as on date has immensely helped those suffering from cancer and other ailments. Millions have benefited and all that without having to pay any royalty to the departed soul or her off springs if there be any. (I remember Madame Curie not having any children). God bless her soul.

Why leave assets for children beyond their requirements... it will only lead them to wine and dine and while away the accumulated wealth left by the ancestors! The prime care the parents need to take in respect of their children is to make them educated as they truly desire from their heart and thereafter leave them to their destiny. This is the only way we can have absolute peace of mind and cheerful children to take care of us when in need.

Talking of death... I need to surmise here that death forms a part of journey of life. It is neither a beginning nor an end in itself. Every death announces the end of the physical manifested life. For our soul the atman within it is merely the change of the garment as happens when the change of guards occur at Birmingham Palace.

It is a daily routine and similarly death is also a routine in the journey of life. Why fear the unknown. Just be after earning Punya karma (the positive balance of karma) in the present phase of life and the journey ahead... and the next manifestation would definitely be more enhanced than the present one.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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