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China... Central hub of terrorist activities world wide

A few years before now... a Hindu nation Nepal witnessed the massacre of its king and his family. Overnight this peaceful Hindu nation converted to a Communist regime dominated by Maoists. What message does this imply? Pakistan... the spoilt child of USA (the so-called superpower number one)... unable to sustain of its own depends upon funding from USA. You raise a finger to stop this funding and all sorts of dramas get enacted.

With the coming of Barack Obama as the new president of United States of America... with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state in tow... Robert Gates, the wily secretary of defense... there is no reprieve for Pakistan in sight. To divert its attention from the bomb blasting of Indian heritage hotels in Mumbai, Pakistan triggered a dastardly act of so-called terrorist firing on the Sri Lankan cricket squad. The aim was not to injure anyone but to show to the world that Pakistan was itself a sufferer at the hands of terrorism.

How long would it take for the world to realize that Pakistan, ISI, Al Qaeda and Taliban... all mean the same! And this act of Pakistan is fully supported by China... the ultimate perpetrator of crime world over. Initially China flooded world market with spurious and illegal products... available at every nook and corner of the world.

Now it is blatantly supporting Pakistan. Where do the terrorists get their ammunition from? Who funds terrorism world wide. Till date the complete funding of terrorism world wide was made by USA (superpower number one). Unmindful of the funds being diverted by Pakistan for terrorist activities world wide... USA continued supporting Pakistan monetarily for decades.

The result... terrorism has started baring fangs at the world powers that are! The sovereignty of United States of America stands threatened. The WTC affair was a precursor to the events to come. Pakistan does not provide a safe haven to terrorists' world wide... rather Pakistan is hand in gloves with terrorist activities world wide.

Terrorism is the second name for Pakistan. For long the powers in Pakistan have rested with military regime. The dictatorial powers with passage of time concentrated more on creating disturbances worldwide to garner more and more funds in the name of curbing terrorism. Situation has come to such a pass that unless USA pays Pakistan through the nose... the delicate relationship could not sustain.

Pakistan is the hub of all terrorist planning world over. Name it Al Qaeda or Taliban... they are different names for separate arms of ISI operating from the soil of Pakistan. Unless USA sees the light of the day... realizes its folly and closes all doors for Pakistan and China... nothing much can be achieved on the terror front. USA providing massive funds to Pakistan has strengthened the resolve of terrorists to confront USA head-on. China gets benefited monetarily by supplying arms for terrorist activities world wide. You name one country... where China manufactured arms are not available freely to terrorists.

The whole world has to collectively understand the strategy of China and Pakistan. By destabilizing Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan... who is getting benefited! The recent massacre of BDR top brass in Bangladesh should be an eye-opener. China has always wanted to scare India into submission. All the surrounding countries are experiencing chaos. Nepal has practically lost its sovereignty at the hands of Maoists. Now... the revolt by BDR officials... does it not point a finger towards Pakistan and China... the ultimate perpetrators of crime world over! Every single terrorist activity world over is a creation of Pakistan and China alone.

China fails to realize... come whatever may... it shall fail forever in attempting to destabilize India... the largest democratic setup of the world! If India has sustained the onslaught of terrorism without much help from USA and its allies... it can continue to do so forever.
The Indian army is the brightest and the best in the world. Without political inclinations... the Indian army has always protected the borders of India that is. By destabilizing Nepal, Bangladesh directly and indirectly supporting terrorism world wide... China and Pakistan would ultimately gain nothing out of it.

The present scenario would land the whole world into a scathing world war three. By supplying arms to both sides... the Christianity and the followers of Islamic Dharma, China hopes of making a bounty. Yes, monetarily China stands to gain but what impact it would create world wide. With lost prestige, China would remain number two for times to come.

By claiming parts of India as its own, China can not get away with atrocities done in Tiananmen Square and Tibet on the whole. So is not the system of God Almighty. The whole world is governed by the theory of mass karma. As is our karma... so shall our destiny be! By the time USA realizes its folly in respect of China... it would be too late!

The terrorist activities in India... the Mumbai attacks, the WTC affair in USA, the activities of Taliban in Afghanistan, the killing of king's family in Nepal, the revolt by BDR officials in Bangladesh... all are related by a thin thread having its roots in Pakistan and China. The nefarious activity of ISI cannot be overlooked for long. Pakistan would ultimately pay the price.

The day USA finally acknowledges its folly and realizes Pakistan to be the hub of terrorism world wide... Al Qaeda and Taliban being its branches... there is no turning back! However hoarse Pakistan may cry... but its nefarious activities would be unveiled to the world one-day. Time is ripe for Dharma (righteousness) to reclaim its sovereignty. Adharma (lawlessness) cannot prevail for long.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of China Pakistan and terrorism. For more on China Pakistan terrorism world wide visit -
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